Floor rugs

floor rugs price in Ibadan
Floor rugs

Get Detailed Prices of Rugs in Ibadan

Rug prices in Ibadan vary widely due to factors such as material, size, design, and place of purchase. While local markets offer affordable options, starting from ₦5,000, high-end stores can charge up to ₦200,000 for luxury rugs. This article delves into the specifics of rug pricing in Ibadan, offering insights for both buyers and sellers. […]

How Much Is a Doormat in Nigeria?
Foot Mat

How Much Is a Doormat in Nigeria?

Are you planning to buy an attractive doormat that adds value to your home? Adding a doormat inside or outside your house is one way you can keep mud from dirty feet from spreading in your house. Also, with the right doormat, you can design the floor of your home and send a welcoming message

foot mat price in the usa
Floor rugs, Foot Mat

What Is the Price of a Foot Mat in the USA?

Are you planning to add a beautiful foot mat to your home? Adding a piece of thick material that helps you wipe dirt when entering your house is a good idea if you are conscious about your home interior. Aside from that, a nice-looking, well-designed foot mat can help you send a message to your

cleaning carpets in Nigeria
Floor rugs

How to Clean Carpets in Nigeria

So, you have laid the carpet in your room and have started using it. If you are yet to get an attractive carpet, you can explore the Shopsavis store to find what you want. Using your carpet will definitely attract dirt and stain no matter how careful you are. When you step on your carpet

carpet price in nigeria
Artificial grass, Floor rugs


Embarking on the quest to revamp your space with the perfect carpet in Nigeria necessitates a keen understanding of carpet price per yard in Nigeria. The diversity in types and sizes means that your choice significantly influences the cost.  Whether you’re contemplating enhancing your bedroom, living room, or any area within your abode, the pivotal

carpet for sale in ibadan
Floor rugs

Buy Rugs and Carpets in Ibadan Online @ Shopsavis

Do you want to buy floor rugs and carpets in Ibadan? There are several carpet suppliers in Ibadan where you can buy floor rugs, but few offer their products online at affordable prices. Shopsavis Artificial Grass sells all kinds of carpets and rugs to people in Ibadan and all over Nigeria. If you want to

how to buy floor rugs in nigeria
Floor rugs

How to Buy a Rug in Nigeria

Buying a rug can be a daunting task if you don’t know the kind you want. That is why we have created this article to help you with that. There are many types of floor rugs in, and they come in different designs and sizes. Aside from that, floor rugs are made with different materials

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