What Is a Wall-to-Wall Carpet Rug Price in Nigeria? 

Are you planning to buy a carpet rug? Knowing how much you will spend to get one is crucial to help you plan your budget. Also, it will help you select the rug type you want to use to cover your room. This article answers the question, what is a wall-to-wall carpet rug price in Nigeria?

What Is a Carpet Rug?

A carpet rug is a flooring material made of cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, or polyethylene that you can lay on the floor of your bedroom or sitting room. But unlike the regular rug, a carpet rug will cover your rug from wall to wall, leaving no space in the center. These kinds of rugs are also called full-room rugs, wall-to-wall rugs, or carpets. Whatever you call it, a carpet rug makes it easy to floor your house, adding beauty, providing warmth and a soft surface to walk on. 

Type of Carpet Rugs in Nigeria

Cotton rug: this kind of carpet is made of cotton and comes in various attractive colors. Which cotton rug is good for flooring a house, it is best to use a color that will not stain quickly. 

Wool rug: this kind of rug is made of wool and is perfect for places with low foot traffic. Wool rugs are attractive and durable, lasting longer and offering value for the money. 

Polypropylene rug: this kind of rug is made of polypropylene and is perfect for high-traffic places. 

Can I Use Carpet Rugs to Floor My Room?

Yes, you can. Adding a floor rug to your room is one way to make the ground attractive. Aside from that, a floor rug will give you a soft surface to walk on. If you live sitting on the ground, a carpet is the best material to use on the ground. Flooring the ground of your children’s room is another benefit of adding a rug. This will give your kids a soft surface to play on after laying on the carpet. So, if you have a room, whether small or big, a rug will make it attractive.  

What Is a Wall-to-Wall Carpet Rug Price in Nigeria? 

What Is the Price of a Wall-to-Wall Carpet Rug?

Rubber Carpet Price Per Yard
Beautiful rubber carpet#1100
Thick rubber carpet#1500
Tarpaulin rubber carpet#1300
Thick fiber rubber carpet #1500
Rubber carpet price in Nigeria

The price of a wall-to-wall carpet rug in Nigeria varies on the type and size you want to purchase. Depending on the size of your room, you might have to purchase a large rug to cover the ground or a small one. Also, buying a thick carpet will further increase the amount you will spend. Most full-room carpet suppliers in Nigeria sell their products in square meters, while others sell them per yard. 

Floor RugPrice Per Square Meters 
Full room floor rug#3500
High-quality floor rug#4000
Wall-to-wall carpet rug #4000
Off-white carpet rug#4000
Black floor rugs #4000
Floor rug price in Nigeria

To know how much carpet in Nigeria costs, you should contact a reliable supplier like Shopsavis Artificial Grass and check their store online. Also, to know how many meters you need, kindly measure your room. Take the length and breadth of your room and multiply the result to convert it to m². Then, you can use the measurement as a guide when ordering your carpet. The full room rug price in Nigeria varies from #4000 to #7000 per square meter. This means that if your room is 10 m², you will spend between #40000 and #70000 to carpet it.  

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