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We have 10 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm artificial grass rugs and floor rugs for sale @ an affordable price. Buy Shopsavis Artificial Grass range of blue, red, green, and yellow artificial turf and full room floor rugs online.

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Get 100% durable artificial grass rugs online for your indoor and outdoor flooring. Shopsavis Artificial Grass offers synthetic turf for the best price – our artificial grass carpet is available in different sizes, colors, and blades. We have top-grade full-room floor rugs for sale. Explore our range of beautiful floor rugs for sale.

10 mm artificial grass rugs

₦4500 per m2 

blue artificial grass

₦8750 per m2

high-quality carpets and floor rugs in nigeria

₦3000 per m2


What You Get When You Buy Our Artificial Grass

When you buy our floor rugs or artificial grass online, you will get a floor that is:


  • Durable,
  • Easy to maintain,
  • Long-lasting turf,
  • Attractive, 
  • Strong,
  • Resistant to weather and foot traffic,
  • Pet and kids friendly.

Enjoy top-quality floor rugs and artificial turf at an affordable price @ Shopsavis Artificial Grass.


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Key Features of Our Artificial Grass Carpets

Get the best artificial turf to use in your home interior and exterior. Keep our synthetic turf clean with little stress. Enjoy our artificial grass’s beautiful surface texture.

 Get yellow, red, blue, or green artificial carpet grass and enjoy beautiful flooring in your home. Our artificial turf will increase the curb appeal of your property. 

Get 10 mm, 20 mm, and large pile heights like 40 and 50 mm artificial grass to use in your home interior and exterior. Imitate the looks of real turf with our artificial grass.

Do you want your synthetic lawn to look like real carpet grass? Shopsavis Artificial Grass looks and feels like natural carpet grass. Enjoy more than an easy-to-maintain lawn when you buy our artificial turf. 

Like Rug, but Better

You can use artificial grass as a rug inside and outside your home. Artificial grass rugs provide a soft surface to walk on when you lay it in your home, like carpet rugs. But it does better than that. Artificial grass rugs are easy to clean, with homeowners using a brush to scrub the surface to remove sticky stains. Also, artificial grass rugs are perfect for children because they can handle stains and rough use.

Beautiful Surface Texture

Enjoy the beauty of artificial carpet grass when you lay it in your home or install it outside. The surface texture of synthetic turf is attractive, lasting longer when you install it outdoors. But that is not all. Homeowners can choose artificial turf of any color. There is red, blue, green, and yellow artificial grass turf available @ Shopsavis. And if you want large floor rugs, Shopsavis has got you covered.

artificial grass color

Where You Can Use Artificial Carpet Grass

Artificial grass is perfect for indoor use. Lay our synthetic turf in your living room, dining room, game room, and children’s playroom. To make your outdoor landscape attractive, you can use artificial grass in your garden, children’s playground, dog run, school sports fields, and commercial settings.

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Long-Lasting Artificial Turf

Enjoy our high-quality artificial grass carpet for about 8 years when you install it on your property. The durable grass will last longer, surviving any weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.

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