How to Buy a Rug in Nigeria

Buying a rug can be a daunting task if you don’t know the kind you want. That is why we have created this article to help you with that. There are many types of floor rugs in, and they come in different designs and sizes. Aside from that, floor rugs are made with different materials that further make it hard to select the right ones. This makes it difficult for Nigerian homeowners to select the best rug option to use in their homes. This article will help demystify how to buy a rug in Nigeria, whether you are shopping with Shopsavis or you go to a floor rug supplier in Lagos. 

Consider Function

Before buying a floor rug, you have to consider the function of the rug. Function in this context refers to how you want to use the rug. One tip is for you to think about your expectations for the rug. Do you want to lay the rug in a high traffic place in your house? Or, do you want to lay the floor rug in your bedroom? High-traffic places signal that you buy a thick rug that will withstand foot traffic, while the opposite is true for low-traffic areas. 

Another thing you should think of when buying a floor rug in Nigeria is who will be using it? Will your pet play on the rug? Or, will the floor rug be the center for activities in your sitting room? Asking yourself all these questions will enable you to buy the best rug that is suitable for you. Another reason it helps to consider function is that you will plan how to clean your rug. If you want to use the floor rug in a high traffic area, you should select one that durable is and easy to clean, like polypropylene rugs. Selecting a plain white floor rug will not be the best idea for a place you use frequently. 

Consider Color

The color of the floor rug you select matters. Do you want to create a consistent theme with your rug? Adding a floor rug with a color that matches other materials are n your house will be a good idea. If your room is painted white, you can lay white floor rugs on the ground. And if you want floor rugs with a color that contrasts the wall paint, you can lay black floor rugs. Note that the color you select will determine how hard it is to clean your rug. So, you should select a color that is easy to clean if you don’t have much time to spend on maintenance. 

Consider the Location

Where do you want to lay the rug? If you want to cover the ground of your bedroom or sitting room with a rug, then you need a large floor rug. This kind of rug is also known as carpet, and it will cover your room from wall to wall. If you want to add something unique to your sitting room, you can use a small center rug with lots of design. Note that the price of center rugs in Nigeria is much more expensive than full room rugs. So, you should be prepared to spend money if you decide to go for center rugs. 

How to Buy a Rug in Nigeria and Keep It Looking Great

How Will You Clean the Rug?

Cleaning is crucial if you want your rug to look attractive. That is why when buying a rug in Nigeria, you should consider how you will clean it. Most rugs require scrubbing, while others require washing to make the surface clean. It all depends on the kind of rug you select, so choose wisely. 


To buy a rug in Nigeria requires that you consider how you will use it, where you will lay it, and the color. The color of your rug matters if you want to keep it looking great. So, choose a rug that is easy to clean and adds beauty to your house. 

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