How Much Are Center Rugs in Nigeria?

Do you want to lay a lovely center rug in your home? Adding an attractive center rug in your sitting room is one way you can increase the curb appeal. And if you want to go further, you can cover the entire floor of your bedroom or living room with a large floor rug. To enjoy the benefits of a beautiful center rug, you must purchase it from a supplier. There are many floor rugs and center rugs suppliers in Nigeria. They sell a large variety of sitting room rugs and artificial grass rugs. How much do they sell their center rugs in Nigeria? 

What Is a Rug?

A rug is a floor covering made of cotton, wool, leather, or vinyl that is used to add warmth to your house interior. Rugs, wool or leather, can be handmade with shaggy surface texture and thick backing. Other kinds of rugs like vinyl or polyethylene rugs are made in a factory with large industrial machines. Factory-made rugs are cheaper than the common handmade rugs. The function of a rug ranges from aesthetic to floor covering and providing a soft walking surface. 

Type of Rugs by Their Uses

There are many ways to categorize rugs in Nigeria. But within the context of this article, we will group them by their uses. When you buy a rug from a supplier in Nigeria, the purpose is to lay it on the floor. This is one way we can categorize rugs. 

Center Rugs in Nigeria

Center rugs are also floor rugs, but the difference between them and the common rugs is the size and surface texture. If you want an attractive rug that has a fine surface texture capable of increasing the curb appeal of your room, you should go for a center rug. These kinds of rugs have a beautiful texture with different designs inscribed on them to make them attractive. A center rug can have different colors according to the design pattern. 

Center Rugs in Nigeria

There are different sizes of center rugs that you can get in Nigeria. Center rugs can be 7 × 7 feet large or even larger than that. Also, you can get 5×7 feet of large center rugs in Lagos or wherever you live. Aside from large center rugs for sale in Nigeria, you can get small sizes too. There are 3×3 ft, 4×4 ft, and even 2×2 ft center rugs for sale, making it possible to choose what you want based on the amount you are willing to spend. How much is a center rug in Nigeria? 

Well, if you are ready to buy your rug, you should understand that adding a rug is a luxury material and can be a little pricey. But that doesn’t mean that the price of center rugs in Nigeria will break your pocket. You can get a large center rug, 5×7 to be precise, for about #35000. Smaller center rugs can be a little cheaper than that, with the price range from #15000 to #30000. So, the cost of center rugs in Ibadan may vary according to the size and surface texture. 

Large Floor Rugs in Nigeria

Aside from center rugs, other materials you can use to cover your house are large floor rugs. These kinds of rugs can have a plain surface texture with a single color and no design. Or can be multicolored with lots of designs on the surface texture. Note that the more design a rug has, the more expensive it will be. If you have a room, and you want to cover the entire surface with a rug, you need wall-to-wall rugs. These kinds of rugs are referred to as large floor rugs. 

Most rugs suppliers in places like Ibadan and Lagos sell these materials. The cost of large floor rugs varies and depends on the grade and the size. To know the right size of rug that you need, you have to measure your room and convert the result to square meters. This is because most suppliers sell their rugs in square meters. Grade A floor rugs sell for #3500 per square meter, while grade B sells for #3000. This means that if your room is 5 square meters, you will spend around #17500 to cover the entire floor with a rug if you go for grade A. 

Other Alternative to Rugs

Artificial grass rugs are another alternative to floor rugs. This material is made of synthetic grass and has a beautiful surface texture. Grass rugs are much pricier than floor rugs, but they offer a better aesthetic value. 


How much are center rugs in Nigeria? The cost of center rugs in Nigeria varies on the size and texture. Large center rugs can cost around #35000, while smaller rugs can be around#15000. 

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