What Is the Price of Rugs Per Yard in Nigeria?

Laying a beautiful rug on the floor of your room or sitting room is a good idea if you want an attractive and soft ground to walk on. There are several ways homeowners can customize their floor with a rug. One way is by adding a beautiful center rug in their living room. Or, if you prefer, you can cover the ground of your bedroom with a large wall-to-wall floor rug. To use a rug, you must buy it first. There are several floor rugs suppliers in Nigeria that you can buy from. Most of them sell their rugs per yard, while others sell rugs per square meter. This article answers the question, what is the price of rugs per yard in Nigeria?  

Rugs Price Per Yard

Are you ready to cover the floor of your room with rugs? You must be ready to get a nice and durable rug from a supplier in Nigeria. There are many floor rugs suppliers in Ibadan that residents can choose from. Aside from that, there are floor rugs suppliers in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. But to make it easier to buy a rug, Shopsavis Artificial Grass supplies synthetic grass and floor rugs all over Nigeria. So, no matter where you are in Nigeria, you can always place an order for their products, and they will deliver them to you.

 We mentioned that floor rug sellers in Nigeria sell their products per yard or square meters in the preceding paragraph. The measurement used depends on the supplier. If you want to know the price of floor rugs per square meter in Nigeria, you can read this article. The price of a rug per yard in Ibadan varies on the texture and color. Center rugs, for example, are more expensive than large floor rugs. So, if you want to cover the floor of your room with a rug, you should be particular about the kind you want. 

The price of large floor rugs per yard in Ibadan is between ₦3000 and ₦4000, depending on the grade. This means that if your room’s size is 5 yards, you will spend around ₦15000 if you buy one yard for ₦3000. The price of floor rugs in Lagos is similar. Center rugs prices in Ibadan are different from floor rugs. This is because they are not sold per yard; they come in a fixed size that can’t be cut. The average price of center rugs is ₦35000. Large center rugs are more expensive than that. Another thing that can affect the price of center rugs is the make and design. So, when you want to buy a rug, you should know that the size and texture determine the exact amount you will pay. 

price of rug per yard rugs for sale in nigeria

What Are the Features and Benefits of Rugs?

One obvious benefit of covering the floor of your room with a rug is that you will get a soft surface to walk on instead of walking on the bare floor. Another benefit of adding a rug to your floor is that it will transform the appearance of your room or wherever you lay it. Rugs come in different colors, and each color has a unique feel that makes it attractive. If you cover the floor of your room with blue rugs, you will create a blue theme in your room. 

Yellow rugs will create a yellow theme and so on. Walking on the cold floor can irritate your feet, but you will have a warm surface to walk on when you cover the ground with rugs. Have you ever wondered how long floor rugs will last? Although floor rugs will not last as long as their grass rugs counterparts, they will last for about four years or more, depending on the texture and how you use it. This is because rugs, like artificial grass, are made of durable materials like polyethylene that ensure you use them for a long time. 

You can use artificial grass rugs if you want an alternative to floor rugs. This flooring material provides a better covering for your floor, like large floor rugs, but it is slightly more expensive than floor rugs. Artificial grass rugs are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain. This makes it perfect for home interior and exterior design. 


What is the price of rugs per yard in Nigeria? You can get rugs for ₦3000 per yard in places like Ibadan or Lagos. To make it easier to shop for rugs, you can search for a rug supplier online. 

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