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How Do I Clean My Floor Rug? 

So, you have used your floor rug for some time and have discovered dirt on the surface. Cleaning your rug is one way to improve its appearance and ensure that it lasts longer. But how do you clean a floor rug? Homeowners must be careful when maintaining their carpet rug to avoid damaging it. So, the best way to clean your rug is to remove stains quickly, remove any leftover food droppings from the surface and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. This article answers the question, how do I clean my floor rug? 

Different Ways to Clean Your Floor Rugs

There are several ways Nigerian homeowners can clean their floor rugs. How you go about cleaning your cotton rugs depends on the kind of stain or dirt found on them. For example, the way you clean a dusty rug is different from how you clean an oil-stained rug. Also, the way you clean a rug soiled with food droppings is different from how you clean a rug littered with plastic waste. Let’s start with cleaning a rug littered with plastic waste before moving to cleaning a floor rug stained with oil. 

Removing Plastic Waste from Your Rug

If you lay a full room floor rug in Nigeria, cleaning it is necessary to make it look good. Aside from that, a clean rug speaks well of you. Plastic waste like nylon and plastic bags are things homeowners drop on the floor. Most homeowners will sometimes refuse or forget to clean their homes because they don’t have the time or don’t want to. When this happens, dirt will accumulate on the surface, making your floor rug less attractive. 

To clean a full room floor rug with plastic waste, you must use a broom to sweep the surface. Or, you can pick the plastic waste off the surface of your rug. Both options are easy and fast, making you keep the surface of your rug looking good. Note that if you decide to use a broom to sweep the surface of your rug, you should use a clean one. Using a dirt broom will further worsen the case and spread more dirt on your rug surface. 

Making Your Full Floor Room Rug Spotless

Have you discovered spots on the surface of your rug? When you lay a full room rug in Nigeria, spots can often develop on the surface after using it. Spots can result from cooking oil stains, dirty feet, etc. The interesting thing about a floor rug is that it has a soft surface that makes sitting on it comfortable. This makes it possible to eat on your rug surface. Oil can drop from your plate and stain your rug when you eat on its surface. 

If you are not careful, the tiny oil stain can spread, becoming difficult to clean. Dirt feet are common. If you live in wet places, your feet can become muddy when you walk from outside to your room. If you step on your floor rug with muddy feet, it will become dirty and unpleasant to look at. This means that you must take steps to clean your floor rug immediately. If you are dealing with an oil spill, you should wipe the spill right away with a clean rag. 

How Do I Clean My Floor Rug? 

An oil spill can spread quickly, so you should ensure that you let the rag absorb the oil from your rug surface. Of course, the rag will not absorb all the oil stain, but it will go a long way to help you clean your rug. To completely remove oil stain from your floor rug surface, you have to mix water with a small amount of detergent. Dip a clean rag in the mixture and use it to run off the oil stain from your rug. You should continue doing that until you have completely removed any trace of oil from your rug surface. You can repeat the same process if the surface of your rug becomes muddy. 

Cleaning Dust from Your Rug Surface

Dust can make your beautiful floor rug less attractive. If you have a beautiful floor rug in Nigeria, you can clean the surface to enjoy it longer. The best way to clean a rug that is full of dust is to use a vacuum cleaner. A Vacuum cleaner will suck all traces of dust that is on your rug and make it fit for use again. 


How do I clean my floor rug? How you clean a rug depends on the kind of dirt you want to remove. If you are dealing with an oil spill, you should use soapy water and a rag to clean the surface. Homeowners can pick up plastic waste from the surface of their rug to make it clean. And if you are dealing with a dusty rug, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. 

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