How to Maintain Floor Rugs

Maintaining your rug is crucial to its survival. If you have installed a large floor rug in your room, you must clean it regularly if you want it to last longer. Aside from that, you must ensure that you don’t do things that can damage your rug. Putting heavy objects, cutting your grass rugs, or placing them close to fire are things that can damage it. This article discusses how to maintain floor rugs. It provided helpful tips for keeping your rug clean and long-lasting. 

Tip to Maintaining Floor Rugs

Give Your Rug a Clean Shake Regularly

If you lay your rug in your room, there is a high chance that dust will get into it. Sweeping the surface of your full room rug will remove large debris, but what about tiny dirt like sand. The best way to remove sand from your floor rug is by giving it a clean shake. To do that, you should lift your rug from the ground and take it outside. This can be a tedious task if you cover the whole ground of your room with a floor rug. Also, removing floor rugs can be difficult if you place furniture on them. But you have to do it anyway if you want your rug to be clean. So, take the rug outside and give it a good shake. With a small stick, gently beat the dust from the surface until you are certain that your floor rug is clean. Note that you should wear a nose mask to stop dust from entering your nose. Also, be careful so that dust will not get into your eyes while you beat it off the rug. 

Vacuum Your Floor Rugs Regularly

Another way to maintain your rug is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt from the surface. Since floor rugs are laid on the ground, there is a tendency that they will absorb all kinds of dirt that comes their way. Sweeping dirt can be tedious if you have large floor rugs. So, the easier way to clean your rug is to vacuum the surface during maintenance. A vacuum cleaner will do the job quicker, removing all traces of dirt that are stuck in the rug. 

Clean Stains Immediately

Stains can get to the surface of a rug when you lay it in your sitting room or bedroom. One common example of a rug stain is cooking oil. Cooking oil can get to the surface of your floor rug when you place an oily plate on it. Also, your floor rugs can become stained with oil if food drops on the surface. When this happens, you have to quickly remove oil stains from the surface. To do that, you must use a sponge and soapy water to clean your rug surface. If you don’t have a sponge, you can use a rag instead. Scrub the oily spot thoroughly until you have removed the oil stain. 

How to Maintain Floor Rugs

Wash Your Rug

If you have a large center rug, you can maintain it by washing the surface. Washing your rug will ensure that the top is clean and attractive. While washing your center rug is a good idea, you should do it when there is enough sun. You must allow your center rug to dry. To wash your floor rugs, you need soapy water and a soft brush. Gently scrub the surface of your rug with the brush after pouring soapy water on it. Do the task step by step until you have covered the entire rug surface. 

Remove Odor on Floor Rugs

Floor rugs can develop an odor when exposed to damp conditions. If the floor underneath your rug is wet, it can cause odor build-up. Also, if water spills on your rug and you refuse to dry it on the surface, the rug will smell due to that. So, to remove odor from rugs, you should sprinkle the surface with baking soda. Allow the baking soda to remain on the rug for hours so that it will have enough time to absorb the odor. 

Don’t Place Your Rug Near Fire

While laying floor rugs in your room is not bad, you should be careful not to burn them. This can happen if you carelessly place a kerosene lantern on your rug. Kicking the lantern when you walk can cause a fire which can spread all over the room. 

Don’t Place Heavy Furniture on Floor Rug

If you want your rug to last longer, placing heavy furniture on the surface is not good. This can further increase the chance of your rug getting damaged. 


You have to remove dirt with a vacuum cleaner or give it a thorough shake to maintain floor rugs. Also, you have to remove oil from your rug by washing the surface with a brush and soapy water. Removing odor from your rug is possible by adding baking soda. 

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