What Is Floor Rugs Best Price in Ibadan?

Do you want to buy rugs for the best price in Ibadan? There are many floor rugs suppliers you can find in Ibadan and other parts of Nigeria, but they sell their products for different prices. The best place to get large floor rugs, full room floor rugs, and center rugs for the best price in Ibadan and Lagos is Shopsavis. They supply carpet rugs and center rugs all over Nigeria. 

Types of Rugs and Their Price

Floor RugPrice Per Square Meters 
Full room floor rug#3500
High-quality floor rug#4000
Wall-to-wall carpet rug #4000
Off-white carpet rug#4000
Black floor rugs #4000
Floor rug price in Nigeria

There are different types of rugs you can get for a price in Nigeria. If you want to cover the floor of your room, large floor rugs are the best material. Aside from that, if you want to cover the floor of your sitting room with rugs, you can use large floor rugs and add a center rug to make it attractive. The price of rugs varies according to the thickness and size. The regular rug price varies between #3500 and #4000 per square meter. 

Thick floor rugs can cost between #6500 and #7000 per square meter. Center rugs are more expensive than full-room floor rugs. If you want to buy center rugs, you should prepare to spend around #30000 to #70000.

The price varies on the design and size. Also, the rug’s thickness affects the price. Shopsavis Artificial Grass sells all kinds of rugs. Whether you want center rugs or floor rugs, you can get them at the best price in Ibadan. 

 Floor Rugs Best Price in Ibadan

How Do I Know the Size of Rug I Need?

Knowing the right size of floor rug to buy can be difficult if you have no idea of how large your room is. Do you want to floor your bedroom with rugs? Or, do you want to lay large floor rugs in your sitting room? To know how many rugs you need to cover your room, you have to measure where you want to lay them.

Most rugs suppliers in Nigeria, like Shopsavis, sells their products per square meter. This means that to know how many rugs to buy, you have to measure your room and convert the result to square meters. 

To do that, you have to get a measuring tape and take the measurement of your room’s length and breadth in meters. If your room’s length is 5 m and breadth is 2 m, multiply 5*2, and the result will be 10 m².

So, when you go to the market or order rugs online using the Shopsavis website, you should buy at least a 10 m² rug. If you buy the rug for #3500 per square meter, you should prepare to spend around #35000 to cover your 10 m² room. 

Other Alternatives to Rugs

Artificial Grass Carpet Price Per Square Meter 
10mm green artificial grass #3300
20mm green artificial grass #4800
25mm green artificial grass #5000
30mm green artificial grass #5500
35mm green artificial grass #5900
40mm green artificial grass #5900
50mm green artificial grass #6900
20mm blue artificial grass #8100
20mm red artificial grass #8100
20mm yellow artificial grass #8100
Artificial grass price in Nigeria

Aside from using floor rugs to cover your room, you can use floor tiles and artificial grass rugs. There are many artificial grass suppliers in Ibadan and Lagos that you can buy from. Also, if you want to floor your house with tiles, there are floor tiles suppliers in Ibadan and Lagos or other parts of Nigeria that you can buy from.

Or, you can explore the Shopsavis store and order artificial grass or floor tiles and have them delivered to you stress-free. Although artificial grass rugs are pricier than floor rugs, they will increase your house’s curb appeal when you lay them. 

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