What Is a Full Room Rug Price in Nigeria?

Are you planning to cover your room floor with a rug? There are several ways to design your room floor, but few are cost-effective. Adding a beautiful floor rug will save you money and change the appearance of your room. But to enjoy the benefits a beautiful full room rug has to offer, you have to buy it first. Purchasing a floor rug in Nigeria is easy. You have to walk to a floor rugs supplier and ask for the kind you want. And if you don’t live close to a rug supplier in Nigeria, you can always search for one online. Of course, to get the rug, you must prepare the cash. What is a full room rug price in Nigeria? 

What Is a Rug? 

A rug is a material you can use to cover the floor. Where you use a rug depends on the kind. Indoor rugs are used inside a house, while outdoor rugs are designed to be used outside. The material used to make a rug affects its quality and function. A wool rug, for example, is high-quality and has more worth than vinyl rugs. Although the former is expensive, it is best used for decorating the floor. Aside from wool rugs, there are leather rugs, polyethylene rugs, center rugs, cotton rugs, and vinyl floor rugs that you can use for home improvement. 

Different Types of Rugs According to How They Are Made

Most rugs are made in a factory using large industrial machines. These kinds of rugs tend to be cheaper than handwoven or hand-loomed rugs. Aside from that, there is the hand-knotted rug, hand-tufted rugs, flat weave rugs, hooked rugs, hide rugs, and braided rugs. All these rugs have their advantages and price differences too. But the cheapest kind of rug to use when covering your room floor is the machine-made rug. And if you need extra decoration, you can go for one of those beautiful large center rugs and lay them in the center of your room. 

How Much Does It Cost to Cover My Room with Rug?

The amount you will spend to cover a full room with a rug in Nigeria depends on the room size. If you have a small room, then you won’t spend much to cover the floor with a large floor rug. But if your room is large, covering the floor will cost you more. To know how much you will spend on a large floor rug in Nigeria, you have to measure your room. To do that, you need a measuring tape and a helping hand to remove any object that can obstruct the measurement. 

Take the length and breadth of the room in meters and multiply the result to convert it to square meters. For example, if the length of your room is 5 m and the breadth is 3 m, multiply 5×3, which will give you 15. This means that your room is 15 square meters large. So, when you go to a rug supplier or when you place your order online, you will know what size you need. Knowing the size you need matters because rugs suppliers sell their products in square meters. Although some floor rugs suppliers in Nigeria sell their rugs in square feet, the most common measurement is in square meters. The price of rugs per square meter in Nigeria varies according to the grade. 

First-grade rugs will cost around #3500 per square meter. This means that if you want to cover a 15 square meters wide room, you will spend around #52500 for first-grade rugs. Second-grade rugs cost around #3000 per square meter. So, if you go for that, you will spend around #45000 to cover a 15 square meters room. Note that a 15 square meters room is large, which is by far bigger than the average room size in Nigeria. In fact, it is as big as two average Nigerian rooms.

What About Large Center Rugs?

Full Room Rug Price in Nigeria

The good thing about covering your room with large floor rugs is that you can use center rugs too. Center rugs are not wall-to-wall rugs. They can be applied to existing full-room rugs and serve the purpose of decoration. Adding center rugs in your room or sitting room will transform the aesthetic. But you should be prepared to pay a fair amount for a beautiful center rug. You will spend around #30000 to get a large center rug which is the average price. Depending on the type, you can spend up to #100000 to buy a center rug in Nigeria. 


The price of a full room rug in Nigeria varies on the size of your room and the grade you select. Top-grade rugs cost #3500 per square meter to buy. So, if your room is 15 square meters large, you will spend around #52500 to cover it with rugs. 

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