What Is the Price of Rugs Per Square Meter in Nigeria?

Do you want to cover the floor of your sitting room or bedroom with high-quality rugs? Adding a beautiful rug to your house can change the interior design. Aside from that, a rug provides a soft surface for you to walk on. It covers the rough floor, giving homeowners a beautiful flooring that can be customized when multicolor rugs are used. But to enjoy the benefits of using floor rugs in your home in Nigeria, you have to purchase them from a supplier. There are several floor rugs suppliers in Nigeria, and they sell their rugs per square meter. This article answers the question, what is the price of rugs per square meter in Nigeria?

Tip: Floor rugs price in Nigeria varies on the kind and texture. Large, top-quality floor rugs will sell for #3500 per square meter. Center rugs are more expensive than large floor rugs. You should prepare around #30000 to #80000 to get top-grade center rugs in Nigeria.  

What Is a Rug?

In Nigeria, a rug is a material made of cotton, wool, vinyl, or animal skin that is used to cover the floor. While people in other parts of the world define it as a material that you put in a small part of your room, you can use a floor rug to cover your room wall-to-wall. This is true because most rugs suppliers in Nigeria sell large floor rugs that are big enough for homeowners to lay them anywhere they want. 

Aside from floor rugs, there are center rugs. Unlike large floor rugs that you use to cover a room, center rugs are smaller and have more design. Homeowners in Nigeria will place center rugs in the middle of their sitting room or bedroom. The function of a center rug is decorative. While homeowners can use large floor rugs to decorate their room, they can be used to cover the floor to provide a soft walking surface.  

Types of Rugs

There are different types of rugs in Nigeria. When you go to a floor rugs supplier in Nigeria, you will notice that their rugs are made of other materials. 

Cotton rugs: These types of rugs are made of cotton. They offer a cheap alternative to handwoven wool and leather rugs. 

Silk rugs: The material used to make this rug is silk. You can easily identify a silk rug because of its shining surface texture. 

Wool rugs: If you want a handwoven rug, hand-loomed or hand-tufted, you can go for wool rugs. This floor rugs are made of wool and are more expensive because they are traditionally woven to their desired shape. 

Leather Rugs: This expensive rug material is made of an animal skin like hide and sheepskin. 

Vinyl rugs: This type of rug is one of the most common in Nigeria. Vinyl rugs are made of plastics. It also presents a cheap alternative to leather and wool rugs.  

What Are the Benefits of Using Floor Rugs in My Home? 

The benefits of using large floor rugs in your home range from getting a beautiful floor to a soft surface for you to walk on. If the ground inside your house is not attractive, you can cover it with vinyl floor rugs. Most homeowners have a concrete floor in their house. Concrete is not attractive, and if left like that, it won’t add any beauty to your room. Adding a beautiful wool rug or vinyl floor rug in your room or sitting room will change the appearance. 

Most center rugs are attractive because they are made in different colors. Laying an attractive rug in the center of your sitting room will increase the curb appeal of the room. Aside from aesthetics, a rug provides a soft surface. Walking on a concrete floor can be cold at times. Adding floor rugs in your room can keep your feet warm. Also, rugs have a soft surface texture which is in contrast to the hard cold surface of a concrete floor. 

What Are Floor Rugs Price in Nigeria?

Most floor rugs suppliers in Nigeria sell their material per square meter. Although some will sell their rugs per square foot, the most common measurement is per square meter. When buying a rug, you should always check the measurement. This is because square meters are bigger than square feet. Some floor rugs in Nigeria might appear to be cheap, but when you take a closer look at the measurement, it is per square foot. 

Price of Rugs Per Square Meter in Nigeria

To get a quality floor rug in Nigeria, you should expect to spend around #3500 per square meter. This amount includes shipping and handling. Of course, you might have to pay more for shipping if you live far away. Grade B rugs sell for #3000 per square meter. If you desire center rugs, you should expect to pay anything around #30000 to #80000, depending on the quality and size. 


What is the price of rugs per square meter in Nigeria? The cost of rugs in Nigeria varies on the size and uses. Large floor rugs in Nigeria will sell for #3500 per square meter, while center rugs are more expensive and sell for #30000 to #80000 depending on the size and texture. 

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