How to Find Your Perfect Jeans

Jeans are an iconic anchor to any wardrobe. They have been worn by people of all sorts for all kinds of activities. Want to find your perfect jeans? Read this article as we guide you on fit, wash, rise and style. 

Select the Perfect Rise

Before buying jeans, it is a good idea to figure out what rise best compliments your body type. 


How to Find the right Jeans

If you want to show off your curvy hips, low-rise jeans are a great option for you as long as they fit snugly at your hips. Also, ensure you choose a fitted style with stretch so that it sticks to your body if you don’t have a curve in your hip. 


Mid-rise is the most figure-friendly rise out there because it is comfortable for all body types. Aside from that, mid-rise jeans are compatible with just any top length which makes them great for everyone. 


 Find Your Perfect Jeans

High-Rise jeans are perfect for athletic body types with a smaller waist. Also, it is a perfect style for cropped tops and tuck-in. 

Find Your Fit

From classic to trendy, fit is a great way to express your style in an outfit. Selecting the right fit is the key to looking good in a pair of jeans. 

Boyfriend Jeans

These kinds of jeans are best for apples and athletic body shapes. Boyfriend jeans pair well with fitted tops because they have a looser fit. If you want the perfect fit, look for denim jeans with lots of stretches to give you that ultra-laid-back look. 

Straight Leg Jeans

These kinds of jeans are perfect for hourglass, apple and athletic-shaped bodies. You can wear this with a simple ballet flat, tailored striped shirt or with a simple t-shirt. 

Boot cut Jeans

Boot cut Jeans are best for hourglass and pear-shaped body types. You can wear boot cut Jeans with any top, maybe a t-shirt or cropped top. 

Skinny Jeans

How to Find Your Perfect Jeans

Skinny jeans are slim compared to other jeans types and fit perfectly when you wear them. Also, they are best for any body type. You can wear any top with skinny jeans as long as it has a matching colour. 

Find Your Wash

When it comes to wash, it all boils down to your taste. There is no perfect wash here, while some will have a perfect light wash, others prefer a darker wash. 

Dark Wash

Dark wash jeans simply have a darker colour. It can be dark blue jeans or black jeans. If you prefer dark colour jeans, you can look for the perfect colour to add to your collection. 

Light and Medium Wash

Light-wash jeans are perfect for any casual outing. The lighter the wash, the more casual the vibe. The tip here is to wear light-wash jeans with a light neutral top for the best look.  

Looking for where to get the right jeans? We can help you find your perfect jeans when you shop with us. All you have to do is send us your size and our pros will help you pick the perfect size. 

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