What Are the Prices of Wall Art in the USA?

Are you planning to turn a dull room into something attractive with wall art? If you are, then you are on the right track. Wall arts add beauty to your home interior, increasing the curb appeal like nothing else. Aside from that, wall art can bring back memories, keeping something or someone dear to you in mind whenever you look at it. But to enjoy the benefits wall arts have to offer, you have to buy them first. So, what are the prices of wall art in the USA? 

What Is Wall Art? 

Wall art is a type of wall decor ranging from canvases to framed prints or other artistic work that hangs on a wall. Wall art is to a room or house what lipstick is to an outfit. It provides the perfect finishing touch that adds warmth to your home. 

The best wall art for your house depends on your bedroom or sitting room theme, color scheme, and your taste. Whether you want to hang a few simple pieces of wall art in your house or you want to convert a blank space into a bold wall, adding wall art is a great way to express who you are. 

Wall arts are objects from posters and paintings to mural stickers, fine art prints, sculptures, and mirrors that serve wall decor purposes. Homeowners can use it to hide defects in the design of their room and to make a small room look larger. 

Types of Wall Art

Wall arts come in various shapes and forms. The most common types of wall arts in the USA are: 

  • Canvas prints,
  • Hanging canvas prints,
  • Metal prints,
  • Photo spreads,
  • Mounted wall art,
  • Framed art prints,
  • Acrylic prints and 
  • Wood art. 

What Are the Most Common Wall Art Designs in the USA?

What Are the Prices of Wall Art in the USA?

Wall arts can come in different designs which are: 

  • Abstract art,
  • Nature art, 
  • Human painting,
  • Animal painting, 
  • Contemporary art, 
  • Urban art,
  • Wall art of plants and flowers,
  • Wall art of popular events,
  • African art.

Where Can I Hang Wall Art in My House?

Homeowners can hang wall art in different places in their houses. Here is a list of where you can place a beautiful wall art. 

  • Bedroom, 
  • Dining room,
  • Bathroom, 
  • Kitchen, 
  • Hallway, 
  • Stairwell, 
  • Above furniture, 
  • Office, 
  • Living room.

Prices of Wall Arts in the USA

Are you curious about the price of wall art in the USA? On the Amazon website, the prices of wall arts in the USA are from $10 to $250 depending on the type. 

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