How Much Is Wall Art in Nigeria?

Are you planning to hang wall art in your sitting room? If you are, that is a great idea. Wall art is a creative way for homeowners in Nigeria to decorate their houses. You can hang a large canvas print wall art in your bedroom, sitting room, reading room, and exhibition room, and it will do just fine. Aside from decorating the wall inside your house, wall art can tell a story, bring nature right into your house and remind you of someone or something precious. To enjoy the benefits a wall decor has to offer, you have to buy it first. So, how much is wall art in Nigeria?

What Is Wall Art?

Wall art is a wall decor material that may be framed or unframed that is painted or printed with beautiful artwork. While most wall arts in Nigeria are hand drawn, you will find canvas print wall art in the market. Whether hand drawn or printed, wall art usually portrays something. It can be an illustration of a person, animal, or nature. The purpose of creating wall decor whether large or small is to increase the curb appeal of your home. 

Should I Buy Framed Art in Nigeria?

While it is not necessary to build framed art when decorating your wall, it makes sense if you do. Why? Frame arts have wooden protection around their edges and glass protection in front that prevents dust, water, or dirty hands from reaching the artwork. So, if you want a canvas print wall art in Nigeria that will last longer and offer value for the money, you should go for framed artwork. 

What Kind of Wall Art Should I Put in My Living Room?

How Much Is Wall Art in Nigeria?

Anything that captures your attention! If you love nature, you can go for canvas print wall art in Nigeria. Also, if you love animals, you can buy a large artwork and hook it somewhere in your living room. There are lots of wall art designs in Nigeria that you can choose from, and they include tree designs, nature, beauty figures, city art, and a lot more. Artworks that are made in Nigeria come in different colors and sizes to make your home attractive. 

Price of Wall Art in Nigeria

How much is wall art in Nigeria? The price of canvas print wall art in Nigeria varies on the kind of material used to make the art and the size. 

Wall ArtPrice
Canvas print wall art with mountain background #18,000
Nature canvas painting#15,000
31′ × 23′ ready-to-hang wall art with nature and house background #10,000
22’×18′ framed wall art with a nature background #9,000
Abstract wall art#5,000

Note that the price of wall art in Nigeria can change anytime, so ensure you check regularly for the latest price. 

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