How Much Is a Doormat in Nigeria?

Are you planning to buy an attractive doormat that adds value to your home? Adding a doormat inside or outside your house is one way you can keep mud from dirty feet from spreading in your house. Also, with the right doormat, you can design the floor of your home and send a welcoming message to your visitors. But to enjoy the benefits a doormat has to offer, you have to buy one. So, how much is a doormat in Nigeria? This article provides an answer to that question.  

What Is a Doormat?

A doormat or foot mat as it is often called in Nigeria is a piece of thick material that is placed before or inside a door for wiping the dirt from shoes. It is usually placed in front of the main or front door to enable you to wipe your shoes as you walk into the house. Aside from placing it in front of the house, you can also place a foot may in front of your room, sitting room, or bathroom. 

Which Material Is Best for Door Mats?

Doormats in Nigeria are made of different materials. Common materials used to make foot mats in Nigeria are nylon, polypropylene, coir, cotton, microfiber, and rubber. Note that the price of doormats in Nigeria is determined by the material it is made of. That is why some foot mats are cheap, while others are expensive.

How Much Is a Doormat in Nigeria?

How Do I Choose the Right Foot Mat in Nigeria? 

Choosing a foot mat in Nigeria is easy. The best doormats should have these features: 

  • A doormat should be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather. 
  • A foot mat should be able to capture debris or dirt and absorb water. 
  • A foot mat should be easy to clean. 
  • A doormat should have non-stick backing made of rubber.

So, How Much Is a Doormat in Nigeria?

There are different kinds of foot mats in Nigeria. This means that the price of doormats in Nigeria varies depending on the size, thickness, and quality of the material. Now let’s look at the price of various foot mats in Nigeria. 

Welcome foot mat for outdoor #7500
3 pieces non-slip bathroom foot mat#3000
Thick rug doormat#10,000
Footprint bathroom doormat#5000
Open dot rubber mat#49,000

Note that the price of door mats in Nigeria is not fixed and can change anytime as a result of the volatility of the Nigerian market. So, ensure you check regularly for the latest price. 

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