What Is the Price of a Foot Mat in the USA?

Are you planning to add a beautiful foot mat to your home? Adding a piece of thick material that helps you wipe dirt when entering your house is a good idea if you are conscious about your home interior. Aside from that, a nice-looking, well-designed foot mat can help you send a message to your visitors as soon as they step inside your home. But how much is a foot mat in the USA? This article discusses the price of a foot mat in the USA. 

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What Is a Foot Mat?

If you are not familiar with foot mats, you would want more information about them, don’t you? A foot mat is also called a doormat. It is a piece of thick material that is put on the floor before or after the door and used to wipe your feet when you walk into a particular room or house. This definition shows that foot mats serve cleaning purposes. But that is not all. A foot mat also serves decoration purposes and comes in various designs and sizes. 

What Material Is Used to Make a Foot Mat?

Doormats or foot mats are made of different materials, which affect their price. The common range of materials used to make foot mats in the USA is vinyl, PVC tubing, rubber, PVC cell foam, polypropylene, and rubber. 

Where Can I Use a Foot Mat? 

What Is the Price of a Foot Mat in the USA?

You can place a door mat in front of your entrance door. This will make it easy for you or your visitors to rub their shoes on the doormat before they walk into your house. Aside from that, you can place a door mat in front of your room, or bathroom. Aside from domestic use in a house, foot mats are also used in factories. Anti-fatigue mats are used in factories and production lines where staff has to stand for most of their working shift. 

What Type of Foot Mat Is the Best in the USA?

When it comes to choosing the right foot mat, there are several options available. You can choose a coir mat that is thick and scratchy, and it absorbs moisture. Aside from that, you can choose a rubber floor mat, vinyl mat, or carpet mat. 

How Do I Choose a Foot Mat?

Choosing a doormat in the USA is not a difficult task if you know what you want. The best foot mats have these features. 

  • A good foot mat should withstand heavy foot traffic. 
  • A good foot mat should capture debris and absorb water. 
  • A good foot mat should be easy to clean.
  • A good doormat should have non-stick backing. 

Price of Foot Mat in the USA

The cost of buying a doormat in the USA varies depending on the size, quality, and thickness. 

Foot Mat Price
HOMWE front door mat$22
Newlife 30′ × 108′ foam floor mat$250
Cosy Homeer indoor floor mat$30
LINLA indoor foot mat $17
Leotruny bath mat$20

Note that the price of a foot mat in the USA can change anytime. So, ensure you check regularly to know the latest price. 

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