What Are Center Rugs for Living Room Prices in Nigeria?

Center rugs, area rugs, and small fitting rugs all refer to the same thing. Are you planning to update your sitting room or bedroom with a beautiful center rug? While adding an attractive area rug to your sitting room can be a good idea, it requires planning to add the right one. This means selecting the right center rug color, size, and pile height. And when you are done, you have to buy the area rug, right? So, what are center rugs for living room prices in Nigeria?

What Is a Rug? 

A rug is a type of moveable floor covering material that is typically made from woven materials like silk or polyester. If a rug is made from fiber, wool, silk, or jute, then it is made from natural materials. But if it is made from polyester, synthetic fiber, and stain-resistant olefin, then it is a synthetic rug. But what about center rugs for living rooms in Nigeria?

What Is a Center Rug for the Living Room? 

A center rug or an area rug as some will call it is a floor covering made from wool, silk, polyester, or synthetic fiber that is smaller than the dimensions of a room. What this means is that center rugs don’t span the full width of a room when you lay them in your house. Unlike the common wall-to-wall carpet (or rug as we know it in Nigeria) center rugs for living rooms come in a variety of sizes such as 5 × 8 ft, 6 × 8 ft, or 8 × 11 ft. 

Is There a Difference Between Carpets and Rugs?

Well, there is this misconception here that a carpet refers to a floor covering made of rubber material. And that a rug is that floor covering made of wool, synthetic fiber, etc. To set the record straight, a carpet is any floor covering that stretches from wall to wall, irrespective of the material it is made of. 

So, if a floor covering that is made of synthetic fiber or wool (the ones we call rugs in Nigeria) stretches from wall to wall, it is a carpet. What about rugs? A rug is a floor covering, which is smaller than the size of the room you lay it. It does not cover the room fully, only a given part. 

What Are Center Rugs for Living Room Prices in Nigeria?

Why Should I Add a Beautiful Center Rug to My Sitting Room?

One reason to add a center rug to your living room in Nigeria is that it helps anchor furniture in a room, which helps create a cozy, intimate space. The truth is, carpets often come in dull colors, which can make your room less lively. But if you want to spice up the space, adding a well-designed center rug to your living room is a good idea. 

So, How Much Is a Center Rug in Nigeria?

The price of a living room center rug in Nigeria varies on the size, the design, and the pile height. Center rugs for living room prices in Nigeria range from #35,000 to #400,000 or more. 

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