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Do you want to buy floor rugs and carpets in Ibadan? There are several carpet suppliers in Ibadan where you can buy floor rugs, but few offer their products online at affordable prices. Shopsavis Artificial Grass sells all kinds of carpets and rugs to people in Ibadan and all over Nigeria. If you want to buy carpet, floor rugs, center rugs, wool rugs, cotton rugs, and wall-to-wall rugs in Nigeria, Shopsavis Artificial Grass has got you covered. This article discusses the advantage of Shopsavis carpet rugs. And how you can buy rugs and carpets in Ibadan online @ Shopsavis.

What Is a Carpet Rug? 

It is not uncommon to see rugs being laid in houses in Nigeria. One thing you will notice about rugs in Nigeria is that there are different kinds you can choose from. A carpet rug is a large wall-to-wall full room floor covering material that you can lay in your room. One thing about this kind of rug is that it is different from the popular rubber carpet flooring materials used in Nigeria. Although it is called carpet rug, the common name for it in Nigeria is just rug. But using a rug to refer to a full room carpet or wall-to-wall carpet can be confusing because of how most people define a rug. 

A rug, according to some, is a floor covering that does not span the entire room or wherever you lay it. It is a decorative flooring material that you put in a small part of your sitting room. This definition fits a center rug perfectly because it doesn’t span the entire room, just a small surface. What we refer to as a rug in Nigeria – the full room rug – is actually called a carpet. This material is the popular full room rug or wall-to-wall rug that is laid in a room to cover the whole floor. Like the center rug, a carpet can be made of wool, cotton, polythene, nylon, or polyester. 

Features of Carpet in Nigeria

The first benefit of a carpet is that it helps provides a nice surface for you to walk on when you lay it in your living or bedroom. Most homeowners will lay carpet because they want their room to be attractive. So, instead of sitting on the ground or walking on bare ground, you can lay a good carpet to keep your feet clean. Another feature of a carpet is that it provides warmth to your feet when you walk on it. On a cold day, walking on the ground will not be comfortable, but when you lay a carpet, your feet will always be warm. Carpets have a soft surface that lessens the impact when you fall on a hard floor. This will greatly benefit your kids if you lay a thick carpet rug in their room. 

Where to Buy Carpet Rugs in Ibadan

Floor RugPrice Per Square Meters 
Full room floor rug#3500
High-quality floor rug#4000
Wall-to-wall carpet rug #4000
Off-white carpet rug#4000
Black floor rugs #4000
Floor rug price in Nigeria

Buying carpet rugs in Nigeria is easy. Thanks to the internet, thousands of people all over Nigeria can get the carpet they want with a few clicks. This means that you can order carpets online at Shopsavis. To do that, all you have to do is type to go to their website. There are different types of carpets for sale on the Shopsavis website, so be sure to select the one that is best for you. Shopsavis sells their carpet per square meter. So, the price of a carpet in Ibadan or Nigeria is calculated per square meter. The cheaper carpet is #4000 per square meter, while the most expensive is #7000 per square meter. 

Rubber Carpet Price Per Yard
Beautiful rubber carpet#1100
Thick rubber carpet#1500
Tarpaulin rubber carpet#1300
Thick fiber rubber carpet #1500
Rubber carpet price in Nigeria
Buy Rugs and Carpet in Ibadan Online @ Shopsavis

Artificial Grass in Ibadan, another kind of Carpet

Artificial Grass Carpet Price Per Square Meter 
10mm green artificial grass #3300
20mm green artificial grass #4800
25mm green artificial grass #5000
30mm green artificial grass #5500
35mm green artificial grass #5900
40mm green artificial grass #5900
50mm green artificial grass #6900
20mm blue artificial grass #8100
20mm red artificial grass #8100
20mm yellow artificial grass #8100
Artificial grass price in Nigeria

Shopsavis sells another kind of carpet. If you are not aware, they sell artificial grass carpets. This carpet is not made of wool and cotton, instead, it is made of synthetic grass. You can use it in your room, office and any other place. 

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