What Is Carpet Price Per Yard in Nigeria? 

carpet price in nigeria

The price of carpet per yard in Nigeria varies on the type and size. What kind of carpet do you want to buy? How big is your bedroom, sitting room, or wherever you want to lay it? Those are the questions you should ask yourself before buying a carpet for a bedroom in Nigeria. This article discusses carpet prices per yard in Nigeria. Let’s dive in now.

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Price of Carpet Near Me

There are many carpet suppliers in Nigeria that you can buy from. One popular carpet rug supplier is Shopsavis. Shopsavis is an online store based in Nigeria that sells home improvement materials ranging from floor rugs to carpets, artificial grass, and wallpapers. You can get high-quality carpets from that online store. Aside from Shopsavis, there are lots of carpet suppliers in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, or wherever you live. 

Depending on the carpet you want to buy, you can get it from #1200 per yard. The cheapest carpet you can get for a fair price in Nigeria is #1200 per yard while the most expensive carpet is #11000 per yard. The price of a carpet in Nigeria depends on the materials used to make it. Let’s examine the different kinds of carpets to know why their price varies. 

Types of Carpets in Nigeria

There are several kinds of carpets in Nigeria. One kind of carpet you can use for home improvement is artificial grass carpet. Another one is wool carpet rugs. Other kinds of carpets are cotton, vinyl floor rugs, and rubber carpets which are the most common. 

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Artificial Grass Carpet Price in Nigeria

Artificial Grass Carpet Price Per Square Meter 
10mm green artificial grass #3300
20mm green artificial grass #4800
25mm green artificial grass #5000
30mm green artificial grass #5500
35mm green artificial grass #5900
40mm green artificial grass #5900
50mm green artificial grass #6900
20mm blue artificial grass #8100
20mm red artificial grass #8100
20mm yellow artificial grass #8100
Artificial grass price in Nigeria

Artificial Grass or synthetic turf is an outdoor and indoor flooring material that Nigerian homeowners can use to floor their property. This flooring material is made of polythene or nylon, mixed with color and UV inhibitors. UV inhibitors make artificial grass color last long, fading slightly after you have used it for a long time. The main difference between artificial grass carpets and other kinds of carpets is that the former has a longer pile height than the latter. 

Carpet Price Per Yard in Nigeria

This means that you can get 10 mm, 20 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm artificial grass carpets in Nigeria. Note that the longer the pile height, the more expensive the grass carpet. That is why 10 mm artificial grass carpet costs #3900 per yard while 50 mm artificial grass costs #10100 per yard. Of all the carpets that you can use to floor your property in Nigeria, the grass carpet is the most expensive. But that is not a problem because artificial grass is beautiful, durable, long-lasting, and offers value for the money. 

Carpet Rug Price in Nigeria

Floor RugPrice Per Square Meters 
Full room floor rug#3500
High-quality floor rug#4000
Wall-to-wall carpet rug #4000
Off-white carpet rug#4000
Black floor rugs #4000
Floor rug price in Nigeria

This kind of rug is commonly known as full room rugs, wall-to-wall rugs, or bedroom rugs. Nigerian homeowners use this kind of rug to cover the wall of their bedroom or sitting room. Unlike artificial grass, this rug has a short pile height. Carpet rugs are made with wool, cotton or polythene, or vinyl. The price of carpet rugs depends on the thickness. So, you can get carpet from #3500 per yard being the cheapest to #7500 per yard being the most expensive. Like artificial grass, carpet rugs come in different colors and textures. 

Rubber Carpet Price in Nigeria

Rubber Carpet Price Per Yard
Beautiful rubber carpet#1100
Thick rubber carpet#1500
Tarpaulin rubber carpet#1300
Thick fiber rubber carpet #1500
Rubber carpet price in Nigeria

Rubber carpet is what we Nigerians normally refer to as carpet. Note that a wall-to-wall floor covering is a carpet, whether it is artificial grass or wool rugs. But since rubber carpet is the most common in Nigeria, it is the default material when people talk about carpets. Rubber carpet is the cheapest of all carpets for sale in Nigeria. Depending on the thickness, you can get a beautiful carpet for #1200 per yard. 

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