How to Clean Carpets in Nigeria

So, you have laid the carpet in your room and have started using it. If you are yet to get an attractive carpet, you can explore the Shopsavis store to find what you want. Using your carpet will definitely attract dirt and stain no matter how careful you are. When you step on your carpet with dirty feet, it will get stained. Also, if oil spills on your carpet, it will get stained. If you discover dirt on your carpet, the only option you have is to clean it. While cleaning your carpet is necessary, most homeowners don’t have the time to do it. Others don’t even know how to. This article discusses how to clean carpets in Nigeria. 

Cleaning Different Types of Carpets

The way you clean your carpet depends on the type. For starters, there are different kinds of carpets in Nigeria. There is the common rubber carpet in Nigeria that you can use to cover the floor of your room. Aside from rubber, there are carpet rugs that are made of wool, cotton, or vinyl that you can use to cover your room’s floor. The third kind of carpet is the grass carpet. Grass carpet is a synthetic material made of plastic and shaped in the form of real grass. While the first and third carpet type performs better with water, the second doesn’t. That is why the way you clean your carpet matters.

Cleaning Rubber Carpet

One thing about rubber carpets is that they will not absorb water. This makes it easy to clean if you discover stains or mud on it. Common stains or dirt that can make your carpet unattractive are mud, oil, grease, food waste, and plastic leftovers. If you discover food waste and plastic leftovers on your carpet, you can easily use a broom to sweep them off the surface. Oil and grease need special cleaning. This is because they will stick to the surface of your carpet and make it hard for you to remove. So, to clean oil and grease stains, get a bucket and fill half with water. Then, add detergent to the water and mix until it foam. After, get a soft brush and scrub the surface of your carpet until you have removed the stains. Use a mop to clean your carpet if you discover mud on it. 

Cleaning Carpet Rug

Carpet rugs can be a little tricky to clean. This is because they will absorb water during the process. The way you clean carpet rugs depends on the stain. Sweep the surface with a broom if there are plastic wastes on the surface. If you discover mud, you will need to wipe the spot with a clean rag soaked in soapy water. Oil and grease stains require thorough cleaning. So, you should use a brush and soapy water to scrub oil off the surface of your rug. Of course, this will make it absorb water when cleaning. So, to keep your carpet rug dry, you can take it out and dry it in the sun. If you can’t take your rug out, try to minimize how much water it absorbs when cleaning it. General carpet rug cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner. This will remove dust from the pile of your carpet rugs. 

Grass Carpet

How to Clean Carpet in Nigeria

One good thing about artificial grass carpets is that you can use them outdoors and indoors. Also, grass carpets are easy to clean because they don’t absorb stains. Removing mud from grass rugs can be done by spraying the surface with a hose. But if you use grass carpets inside your house, you can use a rag soaked in water to clean mud off the surface.  Oil and grease stains can be removed by scrubbing the rug with a soft brush and soapy water. That artificial grass carpet is easy to clean and makes it the best material to use in your children’s room and public places. 

So, if you have laid one of these carpets in your house, cleaning them will be easy if you follow the advice on how to clean carpets in Nigeria in this article. If you want the best carpet material to use in your house, feel free to contact Shopsavis and our team will guide you in selecting the best. 

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