Artificial Grass Suppliers in Ibadan

Are you planning to carpet or rug your house, but don’t know the best material to use for the task? There are several materials you can use for home improvement in Nigeria. But artificial grass carpet stands out from the crowd. The reason? Artificial grass carpet is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting. To enjoy the artificial grass rug has to offer, you have to purchase and install or lay it in your house. If you live in Nigeria, there are several artificial turf suppliers you can buy from. Also, if you live in Ibadan, there are lots of artificial grass carpet suppliers in Ibadan that you can buy grass from. This post explains how homeowners in Ibadan can buy artificial grass rugs with less stress. 

Shopsavis Artificial Grass

One common artificial grass supplier that people in Ibadan can buy the synthetic turf from is Shopsavis Artificial Grass. Shopsavis is an online store that sells synthetic turf to homeowners all over Nigeria. We have a large variety of artificial grass ranging from green grass carpets to red, yellow, and blue grass rugs. Our artificial carpet grass is perfect for both indoor and outdoor flooring. 

One benefit of shopping for artificial grass on Shopsavis is that you can relax in your room and order your grass wherever you are in Nigeria. If you are in Lagos, Ibadan, rivers, Abia, or Abuja, ordering synthetic turf from Shopsavis Artificial Grass is easy if you browse the products from the online store. All you need is to know the kinds of artificial grass carpet you want and place your order online. Speaking of the kind of artificial grass you can get in Ibadan, let’s explore it a little. 

Types of Artificial Grass Carpet You Can Get in Ibadan

There are several types of artificial grass carpets that you can buy if you live in Ibadan. But before you place your order, you must know that there are 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm artificial grass rugs in Ibadan. Knowing that is crucial because the pile height of the grass affects the amount you pay to get it. For example, 10 mm artificial turf is cheaper than 20 mm, and it continues like that to 50 mm, which is the most expensive. 

Artificial Grass Suppliers in Ibadan

Another thing that can affect synthetic grass price is the color. Red, blue, and yellow artificial grass is more expensive than green. So, if you plan to buy artificial carpet grass in Ibadan, you should know what affects the price and how much you will pay. Speaking of how much you will pay, let’s consider the synthetic turf price per square meter in Ibadan. 

Artificial Grass Carpet Price Per Square Meter 
10mm green artificial grass #4000
20mm green artificial grass #6000
25mm green artificial grass #8000
30mm green artificial grass #10000
35mm green artificial grass #12000
40mm green artificial grass #12000
50mm green artificial grass #14000
20mm blue artificial grass #10100
20mm red artificial grass #10100
20mm yellow artificial grass #10100
Artificial Grass Price in Ibadan

Artificial Grass Price Per Square Meters in Ibadan

Artificial grass is sold per square meter. Meaning that if you want to buy turf, you have to measure where you want to lay it to know the right amount you need. Artificial grass price per square meter in Ibadan is #4500 per square meter for 10 mm turf, which is the cheapest you can get on Shopsavis. 

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