Types of Wallpaper and Prices in Nigeria

Adding a beautiful wallpaper to your bedroom or sitting room is an incredibly popular choice nowadays. Gone are those days when wallpapers were difficult to install and remove but thanks to advanced technology, you can enjoy a variety of materials that are easy to install. There are several wallpaper designs Nigerian homeowners can use to make their house interior beautiful. So, to enjoy the benefits of beautiful wallpaper, you must select the best material and design. This article discusses the types of wallpaper and prices in Nigeria.

Type of Wallpaper in Nigeria

Wallpapers in Nigeria are made of several materials. One common material you can get is paper. Others are vinyl and non-woven wallpaper. 

Paper: The paper wallpaper is made of 100% paper. This kind of wallpaper has a classic matte finish that many people desire. But installing a wallpaper made of paper requires that you glue it to the wall of your house. 

Non-woven: Non-woven wallpaper, on the other hand, is a combination of natural fiber and vinyl to make a breathable and durable wallpaper. This wallpaper is an improvement to the paper wallpaper and offers more durability and aesthetics than paper. Installing this kind of wallpaper requires that you glue it to the wall. 

Vinyl: Another kind of wallpaper you can get in Nigeria is vinyl. Vinyl is the most durable wallpaper to use if you want to design your house interior in Nigeria. This type of wallpaper usually has a glossy finish and looks attractive when you fix it on your wall. There are three kinds of vinyl wallpaper. The first is solid vinyl, which is 100% plastic. It is often referred to as the vinyl of all vinyl. It is highly washable, scrubbable, and scratch-resistant. That is why most homeowners in Nigeria will choose to put this material in their bathroom or laundry room. Vinyl coated wallpaper contains less plastic than solid vinyl. This material is originally made of paper but coated with vinyl to provide an attractive surface decoration. The fabric-backed wallpaper is the strongest, combining the strength of vinyl and fabric. This wallpaper will not scratch or tear easily.  

types of wallpaper in nigeria

Price of Wallpaper in Nigeria

Wallpapers in Nigeria are sold per roll. So, if you want to order your wallpaper, you have to know how many rolls you need. The price of wallpapers per roll in Nigeria depends on the quality and length. So, you should be looking to spend between #4000 and #8000 per roll if you want to install wallpaper in Nigeria. Vinyl wallpaper will cost around #5500 to #9000 depending on the size and design. So, this means that if you want one roll and want to go for the cheaper vinyl wallpaper in Nigeria, you should plan to spend #5500. But if you want more than one roll, say your room is big, you should be prepared to spend more than that. 


There are several types of wallpaper and prices in Nigeria that you can buy. But the best of all is vinyl wallpaper. This material is durable, strong, and has a glossy finish. The price of wallpaper in Nigeria varies on the size, design, and type. So, you should plan to spend between #4000 and #9000 per wallpaper roll in Nigeria. 

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