How Many Rolls of Wallpaper for an Average Room in Nigeria?

So, you are ready to add beautiful wallpaper to your room. There are many benefits of covering the wall of your room with attractive vinyl wallpaper. You will get a wall that doesn’t get stained easily. Aside from that, your wallpaper will last longer than paint. But to enjoy the benefits of wallpaper, you have to buy it from a supplier. Before that, you need to know how many rolls of wallpaper for an average room in Nigeria. This article discusses just that. 

What Is Wallpaper Rolls Sizes in Nigeria?

Wallpaper comes in different roll sizes. But the most common wallpaper roll size in Nigeria is 5.3 square meters. Most wallpaper suppliers in Nigeria sell their products in rolls of 5.3 square meters. This means that if you want to buy vinyl-coated wallpaper in Nigeria, you should be ready to pay between #7000 and #9000 for a 5.3 square meters roll. Some wallpaper suppliers in Nigeria will sell their products for more than that. So, you should be mindful of the wallpaper roll size before you buy one. 

How to Estimate the Amount of Wallpaper You Need in Nigeria?

Measure the Length of Each Wall in Your Room

To know the exact amount of wallpaper you need for an average room, you have to measure the length and breadth of your room. One way to do that is to get a tape rule or measuring tape, as it is called, and start taking measurements. You should start from the base of your wall when measuring it to get an accurate measurement. 

Ensure that you remove any obstacle that can hinder the measurement because your result must be accurate. To make the task easy for you, it is advisable that you use a tape that gives the result in meters. This will make it easy for you to convert it to square meters. Note that you have to take the length of all the walls of your room. Since a  room has four walls, you will need four lengths. 

How Many Rolls of Wallpaper for an Average Room in Nigeria?

Measure the Height of Your Room

Now that you have measured the length, you have to know to do the same for the height. Use a measuring tape to take the height of the room and ensure you do the same for all the walls in your room. 

Calculate the Result

We will not complicate the calculation process for you so that you will not get confused. To know the size of your room in square meters, you have to multiply the length and height of your room. For example, if you measure a part of the wall and the length is 3 meters, multiply it by the height. If the height is 3 meters too, the result will be 6 square meters. Remember that you have four walls in your room, so be sure to do the same for the other three. 

Calculating your room by the walls is the easiest way to get an accurate result without stressing yourself. This process involves getting the square meter of a wall instead of the whole room. When you know the square meter of a wall, you can add all the results of all the walls to get the total square meters of your room. But it is best to take the measurement of each wall separately so you don’t get confused. 

So, How Many Rolls of Wallpaper Do I Really Need?

We mentioned earlier that most wallpaper sellers in Nigeria sell their products in rolls of 5.3 square meters. This means that if the wall you want to cover is 10 square meters, you will need two rolls of wallpaper. If the total length of your room is 40 square meters, you will need 8 rolls of wallpaper to completely cover the room. This is just a rough estimate for a room. Yours can be bigger or smaller than that. So, be sure to measure your room to know how many rolls of wallpaper you need to cover the walls for an average room. 

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