3D Wallpaper Design for Living Rooms in Nigeria

Are you tired of painting and repainting your living room only for it to fade quickly? Most paints will last a year before dust makes the surface less attractive. Aside from that, stains from touching can make your beautifully painted wall less attractive. But there is a solution. Nigerian homeowners can use beautiful wallpaper to cover their walls instead of painting them. Yes, with the right wallpaper installed on your wall, you can transform the aesthetic of your property. And a lot more. You can give your wall a 3D design. This article discusses 3D wallpaper design for living rooms in Nigeria. 

What Is a Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a wall covering made of vinyl, vinyl-coated paper, or printed paper that you can use to cover and design your house. This material can have a plain design or 3D design pattern that can stretch around your room or wherever you install it.  

Types of Wallpaper Design in Nigeria

There are different types of wallpaper designs that you can get when you go online in Nigeria. In fact, the designs are so many that mentioning all is not possible. You can get wallpaper with flowers printed on them. Other wallpaper designs come in the form of 3D prints with various patterns printed on the surface. One common 3D wallpaper design is the brick pattern. This kind of wallpaper has a brick pattern printed on the surface and will make your wall look like a brick wall.

If you want your living room to look painted, you can get plain wallpaper with no design on the surface. This kind of wallpaper has a glossy finish that makes it attractive on your wall. One interesting thing about wallpapers is that you can get your custom design. If you are ready to spend extra, you can have your own design patterns printed on your wallpaper.  

3D Wallpaper Design for Living Rooms in Nigeria

What Are the Most Popular Types of Wallpaper in Nigeria?

The most popular type of wallpaper you can get in Nigeria is printed paper wallpaper and vinyl-coated wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper offers effortless application, does not tear easily, does not stain quickly, and can be adjusted before it hardens. Another popular wallpaper is solid vinyl, but it is pricey. 

Wallpaper Roll Sizes and Prices in Nigeria

Wallpaper comes in different roll sizes and prices that make some more expensive than the others. You can get 5.3 square meters of wallpaper for your home design project. The price of wallpaper in Nigeria depends on the materials used to make it. Solid vinyl wallpaper is expensive, making it not the perfect option for someone on a budget. Cheap wallpapers in Nigeria are printed paper and vinyl-coated wallpaper. You can get a roll of wallpaper in Nigeria from #4000 for printed paper. If you want rolls of vinyl-coated wallpaper, you should be ready to spend around #7000 per roll.  

How Do I Fix Wallpaper in Nigeria? 

Fixing wallpaper is easy, assuming you can spend some time preparing your wall. Most wallpapers are thick enough to cover any defect in your wall. But if you want a clean finish, you can clean your wall to remove dirt. After, you should fill any hole in the wall and scrap any bump on your wall to achieve a smooth surface. After, you can fix the wallpaper by starting from one end, fixing the papers roll by roll until you are done. 


3D wallpaper design for living rooms in Nigeria can make your house attractive. You can fix a beautiful vinyl-coated paper wallpaper on your wall to get a beautiful clean wall if you want to transform the aesthetic of your house. 

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