Can I Design My Home with Wallpaper in Nigeria?

Are you planning to decorate your home interior using the best material? Adding a beautiful decoration material to your house will make it attractive and increase its value. But there are several materials homeowners can use for home interior decoration. This can make it hard for Nigerian homeowners to select the right one. One home decoration material to use in Nigeria on a budget is wallpaper. This home decor material will not only make your home wall attractive, but will prevent moisture absorption. If you have not heard about wallpaper before, you will probably ask, can I design my home with wallpaper in Nigeria?  

What Is a Wallpaper? 

Wallpaper is a material used in home interior decoration to design the wall of domestic and public buildings. This means that wallpaper is something homeowners in Nigeria can put on their walls to make it attractive. It is an alternative to painting your wall and provides a better design and feel than paint. Wallpapers can come in various forms. 

One common form of wallpaper in Nigeria is plain lining paper that can be painted or used to help cover uneven surfaces and little wall defects to make it better. Another wallpaper is the textured wallpaper, which has regular repeating pattern designs that are attractive. Patterned wallpaper is designed so that the pattern repeats so that when pieces of the same rolls are placed together, the design will continue and look uniform.    

What Are Types of Wallpaper in Nigeria?

The most popular types of wallpaper in Nigeria are vinyl-coated paper, coated fabric, paper-backed vinyl, fabric-backed vinyl, solid vinyl, and paper. These wallpaper can be made in various forms and designs to make them attractive. Of all the wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper is the most durable option if you want something that will last longer. 

Vinyl Coated Paper: This kind of wallpaper has a paper substrate on which the decorative surface has been sprayed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). If you buy vinyl wallpaper in Nigeria, you can scrub or wash it to make it clean because it is classified as scrubbable. Unlike most wallpaper in Nigeria, vinyl wallpaper is resistant to most stains like grease and oil and will not absorb moisture, making it perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. This is the best parlor wallpaper in Nigeria.

Coated Fabric: This kind of wallpaper is fabric but coated with liquid polyvinyl chloride or acrylic. The design pattern on this wallpaper is printed on the coating to make it attractive. Unlike vinyl-coated paper, coated fabric is best used in low moisture rooms like your sitting room. 

Paper Backed Vinyl: This kind of wallpaper is durable because the surface has a solid sheet of vinyl that protects it. Paper-backed wallpaper has a paper substrate laminated to a solid decorative surface. Like the vinyl-coated paper, paper-backed vinyl is considered scrubbable, and it resists moisture and dirt.  

Fabric Backed Vinyl: This kind of wallpaper has a substrate that is laminated to a solid vinyl decorative surface. An example of this wallpaper is solid vinyl, which consists of vinyl film laminated to a fabric or paper substrate. 

Now that you have known a little about the various types of wallpaper in Nigeria, let’s consider how you can design your home with wallpaper in Nigeria.  

How Long Will Wallpaper Last in Nigeria?

How long the wallpaper will last depends on the make and quality. High-end wallpaper will last for about 15 years without changing it. Low-end wallpaper will last for up to 5 years. 

Where can I Use Wallpaper in Nigeria?

There are several places homeowners can Nigeria can use wallpaper. You can cover the wall of your bedroom with beautiful wallpaper if you want to make it super attractive. Doing this will help you to increase the curb appeal of your room and cover any defect in your wall that paint cannot. Another place you can use wallpaper in Nigeria is in your living room or parlor. Parlor wallpaper is plentiful in Nigeria. Do you want your sitting room to have a unique feel? If you are tired of paint, why not stick a beautiful wallpaper with attractive patterns on your sitting room wall. 

Is the paint in your kitchen old? Instead of repainting your kitchen, sticking a beautiful kitchen wallpaper in Nigeria will make it attractive and increase its curb appeal. The bathroom is a sacred place for some – most people don’t like staying long in it because it is not attractive, with algae (green things) on the wall that irritate. But with beautiful, water-resistant wallpaper, you can design your bathroom and feel at home in it.  

How Do I Choose Wallpaper in Nigeria?

You select the best wallpaper to use in your house, you have to consider your needs. This means that you should look at where you want to use it and decide which material is best for it. Do you want to use the wallpaper in a place that you and your kids use frequently? Then you need a material that won’t tear or get stained easily. 

Beautiful wallpaper in Nigeria

Which Kind of Wallpaper is Best for Your Home?

The best kind of wallpaper to use in Nigeria is vinyl wallpaper or vinyl-coated paper. This kind of wall decoration wallpaper has plastic or polyvinyl chloride coating on the surface that prevents moisture absorption. This makes it easy for homeowners to wash any wallpaper made with vinyl or coated with vinyl. Aside from that, you can use vinyl-coated wallpaper in any part of your house, whether in your kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, or bedroom.  

What Is the Cost of Wallpaper in Nigeria

The price of wallpaper in Nigeria varies and depends on the type of material used and the design coating. Wallpaper is sold per roll, which can be a few square meters big. Vinyl wallpaper in Nigeria will cost between #7000 and #9000 per roll, depending on the design. Some wallpaper cost more than that. Low-end wallpaper will cost between #4500 and #7000 in Nigeria. 

Where Can I Get Wallpaper in Nigeria?

There are several wallpaper suppliers in Nigeria that you can buy from. But to make purchasing wallpaper easy for you, you can order online from Shopsavis. Shopsavis is an online store that sells home improvement materials to help you design your home. You can always get wallpaper at an affordable price from the store.  

How Do I Fix Wallpaper in Nigeria?

How to fix wallpaper in Nigeria requires careful planning to make the task easy and avoid making mistakes. You have to: 

Prepare the wall: Prepare your bedroom or sitting room wall or wherever you want to install it by smoothing it. This task involves covering holes in your wall and sanding or smoothing any hump on it. 

Clean your wall: Most walls have green algae, which makes them less attractive and can affect your wallpaper. So before you install the wallpaper on your wall, you have to clean the wall to remove dirt. 

Seal the wall: Another thing to do when you want to stick wallpaper to your wall is to apply primer to seal the wall and prevent moisture from destroying your wallpaper. 

Wipe the wall and install: Wipe down the wall with a damp cloth before you install the wallpaper. When you are done, you can install the wallpaper on the well-prepared surface and ensure that it is smooth by starting from one end to the other.  


If you read through this article, you will have gotten the answer to your question, can I design my home with wallpaper in Nigeria? Wallpaper provides a durable and attractive surface if you want a design pattern that will last longer and won’t get stained easily like paint. There are several kinds of wallpaper in Nigeria and each has its advantages. The best wallpaper is vinyl or vinyl-coated wallpaper, but it is more expensive than others, although it is by far durable and stain-resistant. To enjoy the benefits of beautiful wallpaper, you can buy it from any supplier near you or order online from Shopsavis. 

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