Artificial Grass Suppliers in Ibadan

Artificial Grass Suppliers in Ibadan

Are you planning to carpet or rug your house, but don’t know the best material to use for the task? There are several materials you can use for home improvement in Nigeria. But artificial grass carpet stands out from the crowd. The reason? Artificial grass carpet is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and […]

How to Clean Carpets in Nigeria

cleaning carpets in Nigeria

So, you have laid the carpet in your room and have started using it. If you are yet to get an attractive carpet, you can explore the Shopsavis store to find what you want. Using your carpet will definitely attract dirt and stain no matter how careful you are. When you step on your carpet […]

What Is Carpet Price Per Yard in Nigeria? 

carpet price in nigeria

The price of carpet per yard in Nigeria varies on the type and size. What kind of carpet do you want to buy? How big is your bedroom, sitting room, or wherever you want to lay it? Those are the questions you should ask yourself before buying a carpet for a bedroom in Nigeria. This […]

What Are the Various Flooring Materials in Nigeria and Their Prices?

flooring material

There are several ways Nigerian homeowners can make their home interior attractive. Making a little home improvement in Nigeria here and there in your house is one way you can maintain the appearance. But one part of the house that people forget to maintain is the floor. Flooring the ground of your house with good […]

What Is the Best Material to Put Under Artificial Grass?


Artificial grass installation requires proper planning. Why? A well-installed grass will last longer, offering value for the money you spent on it. There are several ways to install your synthetic grass. Many homeowners have tried installing it on their lawn, while others have an existing concrete they can lay it on. No matter where and […]

Where Can I Lay Artificial Grass Rugs in My Home in Nigeria?

artificial grass price in nigeria

If you are in Nigeria and want to use artificial grass, you are in the right place. Artificial turf is the synthetic alternative to natural carpet grass. It is durable, strong, and long-lasting, with awesome colors that will transform the aesthetics of your home. You can get artificial grass rugs when you go to a […]

Where to Buy Artificial Grass Rugs in Nigeria

artificial carpet grass

Artificial grass carpet is becoming popular in its use in home improvement, thanks to the beautiful surface texture and durability. But few Nigerian homeowners are yet to enjoy the benefits of this indoor and outdoor flooring material. This article explains the benefits and where to buy artificial grass rugs in Nigeria.  What Is Artificial Grass […]

Artificial Grass vs Cotton Rugs

fake grass rugs

There are many materials homeowners can use to floor their property. Cotton rugs are common flooring materials used in Nigeria. Although they can be pricey, they offer the best flooring option for your home if you purchase beautiful ones. Another flooring option that you can use in Nigeria is artificial grass rugs. This flooring material […]

Can Bugs Live in Fake Grass?

attractive artificial turf

Do you have natural carpet grass installed on your property and want to replace it? While carpet grass provides a soft surface and an attractive lawn to relax, it is hard to maintain. The alternative to natural carpet grass is artificial grass. Unlike real grass, fake grass does not need much maintenance. Aside from that, […]

How to Look After Your Fake Grass

artificial_grass carpet

Installing fake grass in your garden is one way to increase its curb appeal. While artificial grass requires less maintenance to stay beautiful, you still have to care for it a little. A little maintenance should not be interpreted as no maintenance. Homeowners that reason like that have discovered that their synthetic turf performs poorly […]

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