Where to Buy Artificial Grass Rugs in Nigeria

Artificial grass carpet is becoming popular in its use in home improvement, thanks to the beautiful surface texture and durability. But few Nigerian homeowners are yet to enjoy the benefits of this indoor and outdoor flooring material. This article explains the benefits and where to buy artificial grass rugs in Nigeria. 

What Is Artificial Grass Rug?

Artificial grass, also known as fake grass, synthetic grass, or artificial grass rugs, is an outdoor flooring material you can use to landscape your property and design your home. The grass was initially created to replace natural carpet grass, and its uses have grown to interior decor. Made of plastic, fake grass rugs perform better than natural carpet grass in any weather conditions. The process of making synthetic grass began in a factory. 

There, plastic or polyethylene is melted, and additives like UV inhibitors and colors are added. UV inhibitors are added to the raw materials used to make artificial grass rugs to prevent the sun’s rays from fading the surface texture. Colors help define your artificial grass carpet. This makes it possible to choose green, red, black, yellow, or blue artificial turf when decorating your property. To complete the process of making artificial grass, the blades will be added to the thick backing to produce a strong turf capable of withstanding foot traffic. 

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Turf?

The benefits of fake grass rugs range from increasing your home’s curb appeal to providing a durable lawn and soft surface for your outdoor activities. 


Fake grass rugs are attractive, thanks to the use of beautiful colors when making the grass. With artificial grass, you can create a beautiful theme in your backyard or design your home interior anyhow you want. Aside from that, Nigerian homeowners can mix artificial grass of various colors in their homes. You can lay blue and red artificial grass carpet inside your house if you prefer. Or, you can lay yellow and black synthetic turf on the ground. 

Where to Buy Artificial Grass Rugs in Nigeria


The durability of a lawn determines how long it will last. Natural carpet grass has low durability when it comes to withstanding bad weather and heavy foot traffic. Synthetic turf has a better chance of lasting longer when you use it on your lawn. The tough backing and resilient blades make it possible for your grass to resist bad weather and heavy foot traffic. 

Soft Surface Texture

The soft surface texture of artificial turf makes it possible for your kids and pets to play on it. Like natural carpet grass, synthetic turf blades are flexible, providing a soft landing surface when your kids fall on the surface when playing. To further cushion the effect of landing, you can install an additional landing pad under your turf. This will make it easy and fun for your kids to play on artificial turf surfaces without getting hurt. 

Little Maintenance

Another benefit of artificial grass carpet is that it requires little maintenance compared to natural carpet grass. There is no need for you to wet your synthetic lawn with water like carpet grass. Also, no need to mow or treat your fake grass with chemicals during maintenance. With artificial turf installed on your lawn, you will get a long-lasting surface for your outdoor activities.  

Where Can I Purchase Fake Grass Rugs in Nigeria?

Now that you know what artificial grass is and its benefits, it is time to buy it and install it on your property. There are several fake grass suppliers in Nigeria that you can buy from. But when you ask for the grass, referring to it as fake grass may yield zero response. Artificial grass is called fake grass because it is a synthetic alternative to natural carpet grass. The turf no longer looks fake but like a real lawn. Telling the difference between synthetic lawn and carpet grass is difficult because the former has the same beauty and texture as the latter. 

So, when you want to buy synthetic turf in Nigeria, you should ask for artificial grass rugs. You can buy artificial grass rolls from suppliers online if you are in Nigeria. The price varies on the pile height (blade height), color, and size. Longer blades lengths are more expensive than shorter blades lengths. Also, blue, red, and yellow artificial grass rugs are pricer than green turf. So, the more you customize your artificial grass, the more money you pay. But installing synthetic grass on your lawn or laying it in your home is worth it though. 

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