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Our 25 mm artificial turf is perfect for the Nigerian environment. You can use our synthetic turf to landscape your backyard, front yard, office floor, home interior and exterior, and your kids’ playground. Commercial settings and schools can use our artificial turf. 

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Cheap 25 mm Artificial Grass Rug for Sale in Nigeria

Our 25 mm artificial grass carpet in Nigeria is a real value for the money. This 25 mm artificial grass carpet is perfect for the Nigerian environment. The green lush of the turf will increase the curb appeal of your property. Nigerian homeowners can use our 25 mm artificial turf in their backyard, front yard, football field, tennis courts, and children’s playgrounds. 


  • Pile Height (blade length): 25 mm.
  • Color: Green.
  • Size: 1 square meter.
  • Turf Dimension: 1 meter breadth by 1 meter length.  

25mm-artificial-grass-for-sale in nigeria

Where Nigerian Homeowners Can Use Our Artificial Grass

Nigerian homeowners can use our 25 mm artificial grass in their home exterior to landscape their backyard or front yard. Also, our artificial turf soft blades make it applicable for home interior and office flooring. In addition, Nigerian homeowners can use our turf in a school playground, commercial setting, and general decoration. 

Key Features of Our Artificial Grass Carpet 

  • Safe to Use: Our 25 mm artificial grass carpet is safe to use. The turf doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can harm your children and pets. You can walk or play freely on our artificial turf.  
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The longer blade length makes it attractive after installing it on your property. Nigerian homeowners can use it to change the appearance of their homes for the better. 
  • Long-lasting: Nigerian homeowners will enjoy our 25 mm artificial grass for up to 10 years after installation. The turf is durable and will resist bad weather. 
  • Durable: Our 25 mm artificial grass is durable and resists bad weather. This makes it last longer after you have installed it. Also, the grass blades are resilient and will not bend easily. 
  • Natural Look: The lushness our artificial grass carpet adds to your home makes it looks like natural turf. Enjoy the benefits of artificial grass in your Nigerian home. 
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor: Use our artificial turf in your home interior to decorate your party room, living room and bar. Also, Nigerian homeowners can use the turf in their backyard and kids’ playground. 
  • Good for Football Field: You can use our astro turf to landscape football fields, racing tracks, and other sports fields. 
  • Easy Maintenance: There is no need to use chemicals to treat our artificial turf after installation. Also, no need to trim the turf blade with a lawnmower. To clean our synthetic grass, remove leaves and other drops with a broom. 

How to Buy Our 25 mm Artificial Grass Turf in Nigeria

Buying our 25 mm grass is easy, thanks to the ease of using online gateways and fast delivery. You can click on the add to cart button to buy our turf and add it to your cart 🛒. Then, you can pay for the artificial grass during checkout. But before that, you need to measure the place you will install the turf to know the size of grass you need. We sell our synthetic grass per square meter, so calculate the length and breadth of your backyard and convert it to square meters to know how much you need.   

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Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 0.025 m


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