Artificial Grass vs Cotton Rugs

There are many materials homeowners can use to floor their property. Cotton rugs are common flooring materials used in Nigeria. Although they can be pricey, they offer the best flooring option for your home if you purchase beautiful ones. Another flooring option that you can use in Nigeria is artificial grass rugs. This flooring material is gaining traction in its use for home improvement because of its aesthetic value and durability. This article discusses the similarity and differences between artificial grass and cotton rugs. 

What Are Artificial Grass Rugs?

Artificial grass is also known as synthetic grass, fake grass, or astroturf by most Nigerian homeowners. Synthetic grass is made of plastic and was initially developed to replace natural carpet grass. Although artificial grass carpet is mostly used outdoors, it is a durable indoor flooring material. 

What Are Cotton Rugs? 

Cotton rugs, or rugs as it is referred to in Nigeria, are indoor flooring materials made of plastic backing and cotton. Like fake grass, a cotton rug is a synthetic material that provides durable flooring on your property. 

Similarities between Grass Rugs and Cotton Rugs

There are similarities between artificial turf and cotton. One is that you can use both of them to floor your home. Aside from that, fake grass and cotton rugs provide a soft surface for you to walk on when you use them in your house. If you care about designing the floor of your property, both are good options. You can use artificial grass carpets of different colors in your house. Cotton rugs also come in different attractive colors, with design patterns to make them attractive. You can lay a beautiful cotton rug in your room or sitting room.

If you consider maintenance, cleaning fake grass and cotton rugs is easy. If your artificial turf is dirty, you can sweep the surface or use a vacuum cleaner to make it clean. Cotton rugs make a good flooring material because you can easily clean the top with a vacuum. Like artificial grass, homeowners in Nigeria can use cotton rugs anywhere in their house. Your sitting room can use both fake grass and cotton rugs. Also, your bedroom and children’s playroom can use both flooring materials. 

Differences between Fake Grass and Cotton Rugs

Although both artificial grass carpets and cotton rugs have similarities, they also have differences. One obvious difference between cotton rugs and artificial grass is that you can only use the former inside your house. Artificial turf has both indoor and outdoor use. This is why homeowners place a higher value on fake grass than cotton rugs. 

The strong backing and resilient synthetic grass blades make it perfect for your backyard or balcony. Aside from that, fake grass carpet color will not fade when you lay it under the sun. This is because artificial grass has UV protection that keeps the color shining all year round. 

You can’t lay a cotton rug outdoors because it performs poorly when it absorbs water. Your rug can take in much water and swell, creating an unpleasant sight when you use it outdoors. Aside from that, water doesn’t dry off the surface of cotton rugs quickly. So, you might have to leave your rug in the sun for days to make it dry or endure the odor that comes from your wet rugs if you continue using it. 

Artificial grass performs well with water when you lay it on your lawn. The grass carpet will drain quickly because it has holes that facilitate the rapid movement of water. This makes it a better flooring material for indoor and outdoor home decor. 

Artificial Grass and Cotton Rugs

Another difference between fake grass and cotton rugs is that one is more durable than the other. Fake grass is made to resist heavy foot traffic. This makes it possible to lay artificial grass rolls in your backyard, office, schools, and commercial settings. Cleaning cotton rugs and artificial turf is easy. But both perform differently when stains get to their surface. 

Cotton rugs will absorb liquid stains, which can be difficult to remove, making them look unpleasant. Artificial grass will not absorb stains, meaning that you can clean the surface with a brush and soapy water. While you can clean rugs by brushing with soapy water, remember that they don’t perform well with water. So, you have to leave your rug under the sun for a long time to make it dry. 

So, which is better?

Artificial grass and cotton rugs are two flooring options you can use to floor your home. While artificial grass is better considering the aesthetics, durability, and uses, it is pricey. Homeowners can go for a cotton rug, a cheap alternative to grass rugs. 

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