What Are the Various Flooring Materials in Nigeria and Their Prices?

There are several ways Nigerian homeowners can make their home interior attractive. Making a little home improvement in Nigeria here and there in your house is one way you can maintain the appearance. But one part of the house that people forget to maintain is the floor. Flooring the ground of your house with good material will go a long way to making it attractive and valuable. So, what are the various flooring materials in Nigeria and their prices?  

Artificial Grass Rugs

The number one flooring material on our list is artificial grass carpet. This material is perfect for both indoor and outdoor flooring. One function of grass carpet is that you can use it to provide a soft surface for you to walk on. But that is not all. Artificial grass is so attractive that it can increase your house’s curb appeal. This can be heightened if you lay colored synthetic turf on the ground. Nigerian homeowners can get blue artificial grass, red synthetic turf, yellow artificial grass, and green turf. Another advantage of artificial grass carpet is that it is easy to maintain. With a broom, you can easily clean synthetic turf. And if you discover oil stains on it, you can use a brush and soapy water to scrub them off. 

Various Flooring Materials in Nigeria and Their Prices

Price of Artificial Grass Rugs in Nigeria

The price of artificial grass rugs in Lagos varies depending on the size and pile height. If you don’t know, the pile artificial grass pile height refers to the blade length. Artificial grass with long pile height will be more expensive than short ones. That is why 10 mm artificial grass costs #4500 per square meter, while 20 mm artificial grass costs #6500 per square meter. The most expensive synthetic turf is 50 mm, which costs #11000 per square meter. Aside from pile height, another factor that affects the price of artificial grass is the color. Red, blue, and yellow synthetic grass are more expensive than regular green. 

Floor Rugs

Another material that you can use to cover the ground of your house is a floor rug. You can lay a wall-to-wall rug to cover the whole ground or add a center rug to cover a part of the floor. Floor rugs provide a soft surface in your house and increase the curb appeal if you lay the right one. And if you consider maintenance, you can easily clean your rug. 

Price of Floor Rugs in Nigeria

Like artificial grass, the price of floor rugs also varies in thickness and design. That is why most center rugs are more expensive than large rugs. Depending on the size and texture, a center rug price can range between #35000 to #70000. If you want a full room rug, you can get it for #4500 per square meter. Thick floor rugs price in Nigeria is #7000 or more. 

Floor Tiles

If you want permanent flooring inside your house, you can use floor tiles. Floor tiles are durable, strong, and easy to maintain. If you want your house to look attractive, installing floor tile is an option. The price of floor tiles in Nigeria varies on the size and texture. 


Grass carpets and floor rugs are examples of materials you can use to cover the floor of your house to make it attractive. The prices of both materials vary depending on the texture and size you want to buy. 

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