How Much Does a Living Room Rug Cost? 

The price of a floor rug varies on the material used to make it and the size. This means that the amount you will spend to cover your living room with a good floor rug in Nigeria varies. If your parlor sitting room is 10 square meters large, and you want to buy a thick floor rug that is sold for #6500 per square meter, you should expect to spend around #65000 to purchase the rug. The article discusses how much a living room rug cost in Nigeria. Also, it explains why the amount you will spend to purchase a rug varies. 

Why the Amount You Will Spend to Purchase a Floor Rug Varies

Are you planning to cover the ground of your house with a large floor rug? To do that, you must purchase a beautiful floor rug from a trusted supplier. While most rug suppliers will sell their products for a high price, others will sell them less. The difference in the amount you will buy a rug depends on the texture and size. If you want to use wool rugs in your house, you should be prepared to spend enough money to purchase the rug. 

Leather rugs are also attractive, but are a little pricier than cotton rugs. This means that if you want to go for thick rugs, you will spend more to get them than thin ones. But that is not all. The size of the floor rug you want to purchase also determines how much you will spend on your rug. Is your living room large? Or is it small? Covering a large living room with a floor rug will cost you money more than covering a small room. 

How Do I Know the Size of Rug I Need? 

Before buying the rug, you must measure your living room to know the right size. The best way to measure your living room is by using a measuring tape to take the length and breadth of the room. To make it easier for you, you should take the measurement in meters and multiply the length and breadth to get a result in square meters. If your living room’s length is 5 meters and breadth is 2 meters, multiply the result to get 10 square meters. 

How Do I Know Which Rug Is Best for Living Room?

When buying a floor rug in Nigeria, you should consider the thickness. This is because a thick rug can withstand high foot traffic better. To know which rug is best for your living room, you have to consider the fact that your living room is a place of activities. This means that the room will get lots of foot traffic. So, the best floor rug to use in your living room should be a thick floor rug. So, before buying the rug, you should ask about the thickness and go for one that is extra thick. Note that a thick rug is more expensive than a thin one, so you should be prepared to spend money on it.

So, How Much Will I Spend to Cover My Living Room with Rugs?

How Much Does a Living Room Rug Cost? 

Depending on the size of your living room, you can spend between #40000 to #70000 to cover it with a good floor rug. If you buy a thin rug for #4000 per square meter and your living room is 10 square meters, you will spend around #40000. But if you buy a thick rug for #7000 per square meter and your room is 10 square meters, you will spend around #70000. Those amounts we mentioned are not final. Depending on how large your living room is, you can spend less or more. 

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