How to Look After Your Fake Grass

Installing fake grass in your garden is one way to increase its curb appeal. While artificial grass requires less maintenance to stay beautiful, you still have to care for it a little. A little maintenance should not be interpreted as no maintenance. Homeowners that reason like that have discovered that their synthetic turf performs poorly than those that maintain theirs. So, how do you look after fake grass? Your artificial grass carpet needs a little brushing here and there to make the blade upright. Aside from that, your fake grass needs a little weeding to remove grass and moss. This article discusses how to care for your fake grass rugs after installation. 

Why Artificial Grass Needs Maintenance

Fake grass needs maintenance if you want it to last longer and offer value for the cash you spent on it. When you maintain your synthetic turf, you will prevent the beautiful color from fading under the sun. Aside from that, cleaning stains off your fake grass surface will make it fit for any outdoor activities. Caring for your artificial turf also means not doing things that can damage the grass. 

Sharp objects can make holes in your fake grass, making it unusable. So, if you want to enjoy your synthetic turf longer, you should not put sharp objects on it. And if you love to barbecue, placing a hot grill on your synthetic turf is not a good idea. This is because it will get damaged and won’t last long. Maintaining your fake grass is one way to increase the lifespans and ensure that it lasts longer.  

How to Care for Fake Grass

Remove Debris from the Surface

Debris like dirt and leaves will settle on the surface of your artificial grass when you install it in your garden. Dirt can distort the beautiful appearance of your lawn if left without maintenance. So, if you want to restore the beautiful appearance of your grass, you need to remove leaves, twigs, food droppings, and other forms of dirt from your lawn. Food droppings and leaves are organic matters that can decay over time. If left on your grass surface, decaying food particles will create a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This can be bad news for your fake grass, except you take your time to clean your lawn regularly. 

How to Look After Your Fake Grass

Remove Weed

It is unlikely that weeds will grow through the backing of your artificial grass if you prepare the base carefully. But at times, it does happen. If you discover weeds growing through the tiny holes used to drain your fake grass, you should use your hands to pick them. Search for weeds regularly and ensure that you remove them to keep the surface of your artificial grass clean.

Clean Dog Poo and Wee

Do you have pets running around your garden? Your dogs can urinate and defecate on your fake grass if they use it regularly. Poo and wee will smell and create a bad atmosphere on your lawn if you don’t clean them, so if you want your fake grass to stay attractive and last longer, clean dog poo and wee from your turf. You will get an artificial lawn that looks nice and smells good. At times, you have to wash the surface of your artificial grass to free it of dog urine. You can use soapy water and a brush for the task.   

Leave Snow Be”

Cleaning your artificial grass is not limited to summer when you use it more. During winter, snow will settle on your fake grass after a storm. The best way to deal with snow on artificial grass carpets is to let it melt naturally. Never use a shovel to remove snow from your fake grass surface. This can further damage your synthetic turf by peeling off the blades from the backing. 

Bleach? No Way

If you discover a stain on your fake grass surface, you should clean it immediately. But cleaning stains from your lawn can be time-consuming. So, most homeowners employ using bleach to get the job done quickly. Never use bleach on your fake grass if you want to enjoy the color for a long time. Bleach will remove the stain and any trace of color from the surface of your synthetic turf. This will make your fake grass less attractive.

Keep Your Cars Away

Do you have a car? Parking your car on concrete is a good idea. If you install fake grass on your lawn, it isn’t good to park your car on it. Cars are heavy, with the weight pressing down the blades of your fake grass when you park on it. So, if you want your artificial grass to last longer, don’t park your car on it.


There are several ways to look after your fake grass when you lay it in your garden. You should keep it free of debris, dog poo, and wee. Also, never use a shovel to remove snow from the surface. And if you discover weed, you should handpick it to make it clean.

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