Top 5 Fake Grass Myths

Artificial grass has come a long way in property development. Not only is it used in homes, but it is also used in schools, public places, and commercial settings. Fake grass is durable, making it last longer than natural carpet grass. The surface texture is attractive; that is why homeowners enjoy using it to landscape property and increase the curb appeal of their homes. But despite the advantages of artificial lawns, some homeowners still think it is not worth it. They have been ‘misled’ or misinformed about the benefits of artificial turf. This has led to myths about the synthetic lawn. This article clears the top 5 fake grass myths. 

Artificial Grass Is Bad for Pets

There have been rumors that synthetic grass is bad for pets. This is another fake grass myth that should be cleared. While this rumor is based on toilet training your pet and the nature of the blades, it is not correct. To begin, artificial grass is perfect for pets like dogs, cats, and rabbits. You can keep them and install fake grass simultaneously if you love pets. In terms of the pros and cons of artificial grass with dogs, the pros outweigh the cons. 

This means that homeowners can use synthetic lawns in their pet areas, and they will not get damaged. Most homeowners are afraid that their pet will stain your grass with urine or make it unusable with their poo. Fake grass is designed to drain water properly. So, if your pets urinate on your artificial lawn, it will drain from the surface. Urine can become concentrated in one part of your lawn. If this happens, you can use a hose to rinse urine from the surface of your synthetic lawn. 

Cleaning dog poo from your artificial turf is easy, and you should know that pets droppings will not stick to the surface of your lawn. Another fake grass myth related to pets is that the blades are too hard for their soft paws. If you have seen and touched artificial grass carpets before, you will know it is not true. The surface texture of fake grass is soft, making it easy for your pets to walk on it. That is why the synthetic lawn is perfect for dog runs and other animal shows. 

Top 5 Fake Grass Myths

Synthetic Lawn Is Bad for Kids

If you have kids, you should be concerned about what they play on. This has caused some to think that laying fake grass in their garden will affect their kids. But that is not true because artificial grass carpet is perfect for kids. The soft blades make walking or running on the grass easily. Also, the blades will not hurt your children’s feet. Synthetic lawn blades are resilient, bouncing back after your kid’s walk or play with them. That is why the artificial lawn is the right material for your children’s playground and school sports fields. If you are concerned about its impact on your kids when they fall, you can install an optional shock pad as the subbase of your synthetic lawn. 

Fake Turf Is Hard to Clean

Artificial grass requires maintenance. But how you maintain your fake grass matters. Another myth surrounding the use of synthetic lawn in your garden is that you can’t clean it easily. But that is untrue. The fake grass surface texture makes it easy for you to clean it. It will not absorb stains like grease and oil. Also, you can easily wash urine stains off your grass surface. Artificial grass is easy to maintain, making it one of its selling points. You don’t have to mow your synthetic lawn with a lawnmower to make it attractive. Aside from that, no need to treat your turf with chemicals or water it. 

Artificial Grass Fades Quickly

Are you concerned that your synthetic lawn will fade quickly after installing it in your garden? Most homeowners think that artificial turf will lose its attractive color when you lay it in the sun. This is another fake grass myth that must be cleared. During the manufacturing process, fake grass is coated with UV inhibitors that make it resist fades. The beautiful color of synthetic turf will last longer, creating an attractive lawn for your outdoor activities. 

Fake Grass Will Wear Quickly

Another synthetic grass myth is that it will wear quickly when you lay it in your garden. Fake grass is made of durable materials that will not get damaged when you use it indoors or outdoors. It will resist heavy foot traffic, lasting longer than natural carpet grass. 


The top 5 fake grass myths have been cleared in this article. This put artificial grass carpet has one of the best landscaping materials to use in your garden. 

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