What Color Does Artificial Grass Come In?

Do you want to customize your backyard, garden, children’s playground, dog run, or home interior with artificial grass carpet? There are several ways homeowners can customize their fake grass to look attractive. One way is by installing it alongside concrete pavings or outdoor flooring tiles. Another way is by adding an outdoor flooring cushion on artificial turf. Aside from that, you can purchase fake grass of different colors and lay them in your home. While green is the most common option available, there are many options to select from. This article discusses what color does artificial grass come in?

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Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Fake grass is a durable landscaping and home improvement material made with plastic or nylon. One attribute of artificial grass rugs that makes them perfect for interior and exterior decor is their tough surface texture that resists weather elements. The blades are resilient, standing up when people walk on your artificial turf surface. Aside from that, fake grass is easy to maintain. Homeowners can easily clean their fake turf when it is dirty. 

So, it does matter if you lay artificial grass outdoors or indoors; the easy-clean feature makes it unique. When people walk on the surface of your turf, it will not get damaged. This is because fake grass is made to resist heavy foot traffic. This makes it different from natural carpet grass that will wither when many people walk on it. If the design of your backyard is your concern, artificial grass color will not fade quickly after installation. 

The surface texture of fake grass is UV protected, making homeowners enjoy the aesthetic for the warranty period. And to make it even more interesting, you can customize your artificial grass color. There are many color options available when you go to an artificial grass carpet supplier near you. So, you can make a pick of the best fake grass color you want. But before making your pick, you need to know the different color options available. 

Fake Grass Colors

Green Artificial Grass Carpet

Green is the most common fake grass color you will find in a supplier’s store. The reason for that is simple. Natural carpet grass is green. So, if you want your lawn to look like a natural lawn, the best color option to go for is green artificial turf. You can customize your green synthetic grass by purchasing light or dark green. Some fake grass suppliers will even sell premium green turf. A light green artificial grass carpet is perfect to create a bright theme in your garden. And if you prefer to create a dark theme for your property, you can use a dark green artificial grass carpet. 

Red Artificial Grass

Another fake grass color you can use on your property is red. Red artificial grass is perfect for home decor. If you want to customize a part of your lawn, you can use an attractive color like red. You can lay red fake grass alongside green synthetic turf to make it interesting. Another place you can use red artificial grass is in your home interior. You can lay it in your children’s playground, game room, sitting room, bar, lounge, and office. The custom red surface texture will provide the perfect theme for your home improvement. 

Yellow Artificial Turf

Yellow artificial grass is another color you can use on your property. The surface texture is bright, making it perfect to create an extremely attractive theme in your home. You can lay yellow turf on the ground if you have a backyard. Your children’s playground and home interior can use yellow fake grass. The bright color of yellow artificial grass can be combined with green or red turf to create an attractive theme in your home. 


Blue Fake Grass

Blue artificial turf is another color you can select when designing your garden. The color is attractive and perfect for home improvement. Like red, yellow, and green synthetic turf, you can install blue outdoors or indoors. Also, you can use blue fake grass to customize your property. And if you want to mix colors, you can lay blue, red, and yellow turf to create the perfect mix. 


What color does artificial grass come in? Fake grass comes in different colors. Homeowners can purchase yellow, red, blue, and green fake grass turf and lay them on their property. With colored artificial grass, you can customize the looks of your home and create a beautiful theme.

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