Fake Grass Installation: Doing It the Right Way

Artificial grass is perfect for every home. It will increase the curb appeal of your property and turn the design into a modern one. Aside from that, fake grass is a great landscaping material. You can prevent erosion from damaging your property with synthetic turf. Also, you can use artificial grass carpet to create a soft surface to walk on in your backyard. To enjoy the benefits of fake grass, you must purchase it from a supplier. There are many artificial grass suppliers that you can buy from at a competitive price. After buying your turf, installing it is the next step. This is where most homeowners make mistakes. This article discusses fake grass installation and how to do it the right way. 

Can I Install Fake Grass?

Homeowners want to know if installing artificial grass themselves is possible. If you are contemplating doing the same, yes, you can install fake grass. Although hiring an artificial grass installer to help you with the task is one of the best options available, doing it yourself will enable you to save cash. But it comes with caution. 

You must be able to use heavy tools like a digger or small backhoe to lay your fake grass. Also, you must be handy because you might have to dig the ground a little before installing your grass. Laying fake grass in your garden requires skills. So, for you to successfully install your artificial carpet grass, you must have the right skill. With that in mind, you should know how to install your fake grass the right way; else, you will damage it.  

Lay Fake Grass on Grass

How to Install Fake Grass the Right Way

Don’t Lay Artificial Grass on Grass

Do you have a large backyard full of grass? Most homeowners have planted carpet grass in their backyard and switched to a better alternative – artificial grass. When laying your fake grass, you should not make the mistake of installing it in carpet grass. Laying artificial turf on natural grass is bad because your lawn will have drainage issues. 

Aside from that, grasses can shoot out of holes in the backing of your synthetic turf and grow to the surface. This will make your artificial grass less attractive. So, the right way to install fake grass is to remove any trace of grass in your backyard. You might have to dig into the soil a little to remove hidden roots so that the grass will not grow after laying your fake grass. 

Don’t Install Fake Grass on Uneven Ground

When installing artificial grass, you might be tempted to do the task quickly. You should not install your fake grass on uneven ground. Artificial grass needs an even base if you want the surface to be smooth and attractive. Aside from that, uneven grounds can damage your turf surface. So, the right way to lay your fake grass is by ensuring that the base is even. This will provide a seamless walk-through when you use your artificial turf. 

Use Crushed Stones as the Base

Preparing a solid foundation for your artificial grass matters if you want it to last longer. One way to ensure that you give your fake grass a solid base is by using crushed stones. Crushed stones or gravel will ensure that your artificial grass drains properly. Also, it will serve as a good foundation for your grass, preventing damage. When you put gravels where you want to install your grass, you should use a tamper to compress the stones so that they will remain firm in the ground. 

Use Sharp Sand as the Top-layer Base

After pouring gravel where you want to install your fake grass, you should add sharp sand to it. Sharp sand is smooth and will make it easy to walk on your artificial grass after installation. Spread the sand evenly where you want to lay the grass and compact it so that it will remain firm. 

Cut Your Grass Around Trees

You should cut the fake grass rolls around trees and immovable objects when laying your turf. This will make it easy to design your artificial grass during installation.  

Seam Your Turf Carefully

You should ensure that you seam your fake grass carefully during installation. Also, you should spread the fake grass rolls in one direction so that the design pattern will match. 


Fake grass installation the right way means that you should lay it on an even surface with no obstruction like tree roots and rocks. Also, you should prepare a solid and even base for your artificial grass if you want it to last longer. 

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