Wallpaper Prices in Nigeria

So, you want to add beautiful wallpaper to your house wall and search for the best supplier to buy from. There are several wallpaper suppliers in Nigeria that you can purchase your wallpaper from when making home improvements. One is Shopsavis. This makes it very easy for homeowners to get the best wallpaper design. Wallpaper comes at different prices, making you can get what you want no matter your budget. If you don’t know, this article discusses wallpaper prices in Nigeria. 

What Is Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a large wall covering home decoration material homeowners in Nigeria can use to design their home interior. This home decor material is usually made of different materials like paper, fabric, and vinyl, of which vinyl is the strongest. There are different types of wallpaper you can get in Nigeria and each has its advantages. From texture-effect wallpaper to 3D design wallpaper, they will all spice up any room in a way you can’t imagine. The right wallpaper will transform your wall into a feel-good, eye-catchers interior that makes everyone feel relaxed and a small place that looks big. 

Wallpaper Prices in Nigeria

What Is the Cost of Wallpaper in Nigeria?

Wallpapers in Nigeria are sold per roll. This means that if you want to buy wallpaper, you have to know how many rolls you will need for your home decoration project. Most wallpaper comes in rolls of 5.3 square meters for easy installation. Others are way larger than that. So, the size of the wallpaper you want to buy can affect how much you will spend to complete your home decor project. 

Another thing that affects how much you will spend when wallpapering your wall is the type of material used to make the wallpaper. Cheap wallpaper in Nigeria is printed paper wallpaper and foam wallpaper. Vinyl wallpapers are at the other end of the spectrum. They are quite expensive but affordable, so you should prepare your budget accordingly. Below are the prices of wallpaper in Nigeria. 

Wallpaper Type Price
White foam 3D self-adhesive wallpaper 70 by 77 cm#2500
5.3 square meters or Vinyl 3D effect wallpaper #6500
3D PVC wallpaper black and white design pattern#6500
3D stone brick wallpaper 0.53 m by 10 m#6500
3D Whiterosy wallpaper#6500
Whiterosy wallpaper 3D stone design 5.3 square meter#6500
White marble waterproof PVC wallpaper  5.3 square meter#6500
Damask Embossed wallpaper#6500
Black 3D self-adhesive foam wallpaper 70 by 77 cm#6500
Vintage black gray wallpaper#6500
Price of wallpaper in Nigeria

Note that the price we listed above can change at any time, so you should always double-check to confirm the latest price.

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