Home Improvement with Floor Tiles in Nigeria

Are you planning to give your home a hard flooring that will last long? There are several materials Nigerian homeowners can use to floor their homes, but few are strong enough to withstand pressure and heavy foot traffic. One material that can surely withstand foot traffic and make your property attractive is floor tile. Floor tiles are readily available in Nigeria and come in different sizes and colors. This makes them perfect for home interior and exterior decoration in Nigeria. This article provides more detail on home improvement with floor tiles in Nigeria. 

What Are Floor Tiles?

Floor tiles are usually thin, rectangular, or square coverings manufactured from hard-wearing materials such as ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, slate, baked clay, or glass. Most tiles in Nigeria are often glazed for internal use or unglazed for external use. They can be simple and functional with a plain design or decorative with complex designs such as mosaic. 

What Are the Different Types of Tiles in Nigeria?

There are different types of floor tiles in Nigeria and each comes at different prices. One common tile you will find is granite tiles. This kind of tile is made of granite and is popularly used on the kitchen countertop. Granite tiles are antibacterial and cannot be damaged by water, hence their use in the kitchen. 

Another kind of tiles available in Nigeria is travertine. This kind of tile is used in bathroom floor and shower mosaic. Ceramic tile is another type of floor tile in Nigeria. These tiles have a hard solid surface that doesn’t attract or hold dirt, pollen, or dust, making them easy to clean. It is a mixture of clay and other natural material such as sand, quartz, and water. 

Homeowners can use ceramic tiles in their house, office, shop, kitchen, restaurant, etc. Porcelain tiles are another type of floor tile in Nigeria. This tile is similar to ceramic tiles, but it has a dense and hard-wearing surface, making it perfect for internal and external flooring. 

Natural stone tiles are another kind of floor tile common in Nigeria. This kind of tile is used on interior surfaces, and it has the ability to withstand wear and tear. Vinyl or rubber tile is a flexible flooring material that is made of polyvinyl chloride. It is hard-wearing and resilient to degradation.  

Where Can I Use Floor Tiles in Nigeria?

Home Improvement with Floor Tiles in Nigeria

Floor tiles have different applications in home improvement in Nigeria. You can install a good floor tile on the ground of your house to make it attractive. Homeowners can use floor tiles in their bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc., anywhere on your property that needs good flooring. 

Floor tiles are perfect for home improvement because they provide a durable and long-lasting floor option to concrete. Aside from that, tiles are attractive and can come in different designs and colors to make your home beautiful. 

How Much Are Floor Tiles in Nigeria?

The price of floor tiles in Nigeria varies on the type and size. If you want to buy a tile, since tiles are not sold per piece, you have to purchase cartons of tile for your home improvement project. A carton of tile contains 17 pieces for 30 * 30 cm, 12 pieces for 40 * 40 cm, and 4 pieces for 60 * 60 cm tiles. The price of a carton of floor tiles in Nigeria ranges from #6000 to #15,000 and can even reach #35,000 depending on the tile quality.  

How Do I Clean Floor Tiles in Nigeria?

Cleaning floor tile is easy, thanks to the durable stain-resistant surface, you won’t stress yourself maintaining your tile. To clean your tile, all you need is a bucket of water, dishwashing soap, a mop, and a clean rag. But before that, you have to sweep your tiles to remove debris and dust. 

To prepare the solution, fill the bucket with water and pour your soap into it. Ensure you pour the right amount of soap into the water to achieve a good result. Mix the solution thoroughly and then dip your mop in it. You should squeeze the soapy water from the mop before rubbing it on your tile. 

This is to prevent soap film from forming on your tile when it is dried. Run the mop over the tile in an even and gentle manner until you are done. If you like, you can use a clean rag to rub the tile surface to make it extra clean. 

How to Install Tiles in Nigeria

Installing tiles in Nigeria is a tedious task if you don’t have the right experience. That is why you should hire a tile installer to help you with the job. 


Home improvement with floor tiles in Nigeria. Floor tiles offer one of the best options homeowners can use to design the ground of their houses. There are different kinds of tiles in Nigeria, made of different materials like porcelain, stone, slate, marble, rubber, etc. The cost of floor tiles in Nigeria varies on the type and size. The average tile price per carton in Nigeria ranges from #6,000 to #15,000 and can reach #35,000. If you have installed your tiles, cleaning them is easy. All you need is to use a mop soaked in soapy water to wipe the surface once in a while. 

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