What Is the Price of Floor Tiles in Nigeria?

Floor tiles are a good addition to a home if you want a durable and aesthetically-pleasing floor. There are different types of floor tiles in Nigeria and each is sold at different prices. If you are planning to floor the ground of your house, you need to know the current prices of floor tiles in Nigeria so that you will prepare your budget accordingly. This article answers the question, what is the price of floor tiles in Nigeria? It provides guidance on how to know the right amount of tiles you need when flooring your home. 

Cost of Tiles in Nigeria

We mentioned earlier that there are different types of floor tiles in Nigeria and each comes at different prices. Whether you are buying tiles per carton or square meter, you would like to know how much they sell them when you go to the market. If you are shopping for floor tiles, you can buy them online from Shopsavis. 

Shopsavis is an online store that sells home improvement materials in Nigeria. You can get large varieties of floor tiles and other home improvement materials from the Shopsavis website. Now let’s examine the price of floor tiles in Nigeria.

Floor TilesPrice per square meter
Porcelain floor tiles white 60.8 * 60.8#9000
Porcelain floor tiles cream 60.8 * 60.8#9000
Porcelain floor Matt white & black 60.8 * 60.8#8500
Porcelain floor Matt black 60*60#8500
Porcelain floor Matt terrazzo dark 60*60#8500
Porcelain tiles white 60*60#10000
Floor TilesPrice per carton
Polished floor tiles 4 pieces of 60*60 #4500
Glazed floor tiles black 4 pieces of 60*60 #8000
Spanish tiles floor 80*80#9500
White Carrara floor tiles 60*60#7500
Marble floor tiles 60*60#4500

Note that the prices of tiles we listed above are not fixed and can change anytime due to the volatility of the Nigerian market.

How Much Floor Tiles Do I Need? 

What Is the Price of Floor Tiles in Nigeria?

Are you wondering how many tiles you need to floor your house? There is no need to worry because you can do a simple calculation to know the right quantity of floor tiles you need when flooring your house. 

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Measuring tape
  • Calculator.

Note that most floor tiles in Nigeria are sold per square meter, so if you are measuring where you want to install the tiles in meters, getting an accurate result will be easy. So, ensure that the measuring tape you use is in meters. 

Measure the length of the room – Use the measuring tape to measure the length of the room you want to install the floor tiles. Start from one side of the wall and measure to the other end, then, note the result because you will need it later.

Measure the breadth of the room – After measuring the length, take the measurement of the breadth of the room. Note that taking the measurement in meters will make it easy to get a result in square meters. 

Convert the result to square feet – Now that you have the result of the length and breadth of your room in meters, you should convert it to square meters. If, for example, the length is 5 meters and the breadth is 3 meters, the result in square meters will be 5*3 = 15 square meters.  

This means that if the room you want to lay the floor tiles on is 15 square meters, then you should buy 16 or 17 square meters tiles, which will be enough for your home improvement project. 

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