Advantages of Adding Floor Tiles to Your Home in Nigeria

Most things have good sides and bad sides; so do floor tiles. Installing floor tiles on the ground of your house is one way to add a durable and aesthetic floor material to your house. Aside from that, flooring your house with high-quality floor tiles like ceramic and porcelain will add long-lasting flooring that will endure for years. Despite all these advantages, floor tiles have their setbacks too. You can get cold feet when you walk on tiles during cold weather. Aside from that, floor tiles are prone to cracks when you drop heavy objects on them. This article addresses the question, what are the advantages of adding floor tiles to your home in Nigeria? 

Advantages of Floor Tiles


Floor tiles are durable. Durability is the ability of a material to be able to withstand damage that can occur as a result of constant use. In the case of floor tiles, they are tough to crack. If you install your tiles properly, they can last for 10 – 20 years, when maintained properly. 

Aside from that, homeowners in Nigeria can install floor tiles in high-traffic areas. You can install porcelain tiles in your office, homes, event centers, etc., places where people use them frequently, and they won’t get damaged quickly. 

Easy to Maintain

Another advantage of floor tiles is that it is easy to maintain. Do you have kids that play around your house, running around with muddy feet? Cleaning floor tiles require mopping with a mop and soaked in soapy water. If stains like oil and grease get to the surface of your tiles, all you have to do is wipe them away with a clean rag soaked in soapy water. There is no need to be afraid of permanent stains when you install floor tiles in Nigeria as long as you maintain them properly. 


Another advantage of adding floor tiles to your home in Nigeria is that they are water-resistant. Glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles have protective layers on their surfaces that make them impermeable to water. This is important if you want to install your tiles in the bathroom or kitchen because they will last longer than other materials. 

Large Design Varieties

Another advantage of installing floor tiles in your home in Nigeria is that you can get as many designs as you want. You can select a wide range of options in terms of color and design styles. Aside from that, there are different types of floor tiles in Nigeria. So, you can choose to use marble tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramics tiles, granite tiles, etc., whichever suits your needs. 

What Are the Advantages of Adding Floor Tiles to Your Home in Nigeria?

Disadvantages of Floor Tiles 

Slippery and Hard 

Most floor tiles are slippery when wet. It means that if water spills on the tiles, and you walk or run on them, you can fall. This can cause serious injury if a kid falls when playing on wet tiles. The solution to that is simple. Ensure that you clean water from the surface of your tiles as soon as you discover a spill. 

Some Are Less Resistant to Water

If you buy unglazed tiles, you will need to seal the surface to prevent liquid from penetrating them. Unglazed tiles are less resistant to moisture absorption and printed to damage if you install them where water can spill. The solution is to buy glazed porcelain floor tiles in Nigeria. 

Floor Tiles Can Crack

While floor tiles are durable and long-lasting, they will crack if you drop heavy objects on them. If you have a cracked floor, your tiles will be less attractive. The solution to that is to use your tiles carefully. Who drops heavy objects on tiles anyway? Avoid dragging objects on your tiles if you don’t want scratches on their surfaces. And if you have a cracked tile, replacing it will be easy. 


What are the advantages of adding floor tiles to your home in Nigeria? Floor tiles are attractive when you install them on the ground of your house. Aside from that, floor tiles are durable, lasting longer than most flooring materials. Maintaining floor tiles is easy because they don’t absorb stains like other flooring materials. And if you care about design, you can get a large variety of porcelain, ceramic, marvel, or granite floor tiles for your home improvement projects in Nigeria. 

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