Should I Buy Black Composite Decking?

Do you want to install beautiful composite decking in your house? Are you planning to transform your garden into a modern one with composite wood decking? Perhaps, you want to buy black composite decking boards because they are attractive. Homeowners are increasingly recognizing the value of beautiful decking boards like black composite decking. But few are yet to catch up. So, they are asking, should I buy black composite decking? Find the answer in this article. 

What Is a Black Composite Decking?

Black composite decking, also called charcoal composite board, is a material used for building decking. 

While grey is the most common composite decking color, black is becoming popular because of its use in modern home decor. Like most decking boards, black deck boards are made with recycled wood dust and plastic. 

The materials are mixed in a factory where they are heated in a furnace, and black pigments are added along with UV inhibitors to make the color last longer. 

Why Should I Choose Black Composite Decking Boards?

Black composite deck boards give you a blank canvas that can allow you to experiment with any design you want because they can be paired with almost any color. 

If you have a backyard and want to draw attention to other fixtures like flowers, black composite boards will work for you. Also, you can use black decking to contrast any brightly colored object on your property. 

Black composite boards also go well with paving stones. Building a black deck will make it more attractive if you install light-colored paving stones in your backyard. 

Should I Buy Black Composite Decking?

Does Black Composite Decking Fade? 

Black composite decking is like all composite materials that last longer under weather conditions. All composite products will display a slight change of color in the first few weeks after installation. But once it has acclimatized, the color will become constant for a long time. 

Note that black decking tends to fade less than other colors over time because the product has a high volume of dye. Also, if you buy a black composite decking brand that is UV stable, the chance of fading is reduced significantly. 

Aside from that, choosing a capped black composite decking will ensure that your deck color remains the same for years. 

Does Black Composite Decking Get Hot? 

Like cloth and other materials, dark colored objects tend to absorb heat over time. So, the darker your composite decking, the more heat it will absorb. 

If you live in a hot region, and you use your decking during the day, installing a light-colored composite decking is a good idea. If you build a black composite decking, you should install a shade over it to keep the sun from reaching the surface. 

Does Black Trex Fade?

Trex black composite boards are made to last longer while resisting fading from the UV rays of the sun when installed outside. After your Trex composite decking has acclimatized, you will enjoy the color for a long time. 

How Do You Clean Black Composite Decking?

Cleaning black composite decking is easy. All you need is a cloth and warm soapy water. Pour the water on the decking surface and use the cloth to wipe out any dirt that is on your decking. 

So, should I buy black composite decking? Buying black composite wood decking is a great way to improve the look of your property and expand your outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Black Trex Decking Get Hot?

On a sunny day, dark-colored composite decking will get hot. If you want to use your black composite decking on a hot summer day, you can install a shade to cover the surface. 

How Do You Clean Black Composite Decking?

To clean your black decking, you can mix a bucket of warm water with soap and apply the mixture directly on the decking surface and clean. Wash your decking thoroughly until you have removed all traces of stains. 

Is Black Composite Decking a Good Idea?

Yes, installing black composite boards in your backyard is a good idea. The deck will last longer, fade less than wood and increase the aesthetic value of your property. 
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