Composite Decking Grey 

Are you planning to install composite decking on your property? Perhaps you need to composite decking ideas to choose the best design. You might have heard about grey decking and need composite decking grey ideas. What are grey composite decking ideas? Read this article to find out. 

What Is Composite Decking Grey?

From light grey to darker shades of grey, this kind of decking is one of the most popular color choices when selecting a color for your home. Composite decking grey can closely mimic the grooved, grainy texture of timber decking, increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

Grey composite decking is highly versatile and can create a crisp, modern look in your home or give your decking a gently-weathered appearance. 

Selecting the right shade of grey composite decking is a matter of personal preference. But there is a wealth of inspiration that can help homeowners bring to life a decking that they will enjoy for years. Before going into composite decking grey ideas, let’s answer some questions. 

Grey Composite Decking Ideas

Combine a Beautiful Grey Decking with White Dining Area

One way to create a distinct spot on your decking is to combine your grey deck with a white dining area. Black chairs and table edges in white make for a sophisticated look with smoke seating for your guests. 

Monochromatic Grey Decking with Pops of Colour

You can match your light grey decking with the same color as the railing. In this case, the decking and railing are closely matched to the grey siding and shingles on the house. 

Added Lighting and Color

Another composite decking grey idea is to add light and use different colors. Lights are perfect because they make you see and use your decking at night. Also, mixing composite decking of different colors with grey will make it more attractive. You can embed LED lights on the decking side to provide light and design at night. 

What Are Grey Composite Decking Ideas?

Mixing Grey with Tan Tones

Grey decking with a slightly weathered appearance can make a perfect palette to mix tasteful shades of cool-toned tan in your garden. Also, adding a glass railing trimmed in dark metal will give this deck a modern vibe. 

What Color Goes with Grey Composite Decking?

Composite decking grey can work with other cool or warm color decking boards. You can combine grey decking boards with black to create modern decking in your garden. Also, you can combine grey composite decking with dark blue. 

Does Grey Composite Decking Fade?

All composite decking will experience a slight change in color a few weeks after installation due to acclimatization. After acclimatizing, the decking’s beautiful color will remain constant for years. Unlike wood decking, grey composite decking does not need painting or staining during maintenance. 

Does Grey Composite Decking Get Hot?

Your composite decking surface will heat up if direct sunlight reaches the surface during a hot summer day. Some decking can reach a temperature as high as 35° F, which can make it unbearable to walk on. You can install light grey composite boards if you want to reduce heat build-up on your decking. They absorb less heat, so their surface will not be too hot. Also, you can build a shade over your decking. 

Is Grey a Good Deck Color?

Yes! Composite decking grey is a good color if you want a contemporary feel for your new deck area. They are the best boards for building a modern garden with composite decking. 

How Do You Clean Grey Composite Decking?

To clean your grey composite decking, you must use soapy water and a brush to scrub the surface. Scrub thoroughly until you have removed all traces of stains.

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