What Are Composite Decking Boards?

Are you planning to build composite decking in your home? You must have heard that composite decking costs between £110 and £145 per square meter. Composite or plastic wood decking installation is a great way to add more value to your home and provide an outdoor space for your activities. But building a composite decking in the UK costs money, as do other building projects. So, how much are composite decking boards in the UK? What is the composite decking price per square meter? How much does it cost to install composite decking? This article answers all those questions and how much composite decking costs in the UK. 

What Is Composite Decking?

Perhaps you have heard about composite decking boards from a friend or seen them in your neighbour’s house or a store, and you don’t know what it is; now is the time to shed more light on the material. What are composite decking boards?

Composite decking is an artificial building material made of mixed wood fibres, plastics and a small amount of bonding agents. This mixture – wood dust, plastics and bonding agents, is heated in a factory, where the wood fibres are mixed with the molten plastics and bonding agents applied to hold them together. 

Colour pigments and UV inhibitors are added to the mixture to protect it from fading quickly under the sun. The mixture is left to cool and shaped to give you composite decking boards. 

What Are Composite Decking Boards Used For?

Composite decking boards range from installing elevated outdoor decking to flooring your backyard or any other surface you prefer. 

Since composite boards are long-lasting, they are the perfect materials for outdoor flooring because they increase the aesthetic wherever they are installed. 

If you want an extra space outside your house, probably in your backyard, where you can relax, you can floor the space with composite boards. 

Is Composite Better than Wood Decking?

One setback of composite decking is that it is more expensive than wood decking. This means that when building a deck in your house, you will spend more if you use composite decking than wood. 

But that is not much of a problem, considering that composite decking is better than wood in the long run. Composite boards are durable, long-lasting, resistant to termites, do not need chemicals, and are easy to maintain and clean compared to wood decking. 

This makes it better than timber decking. Regarding the price, composite decking is still a cheap alternative when you factor in the amount you will spend to maintain your decking. 

If you build your decking with wood, you must maintain it regularly, paint the surface to cover fading areas, add sealant to prevent water absorption, and replace warp wood boards. 

But with composite decking, paint is not needed because it is fade-resistant. Also, no need to seal the deck because the plastic film on the surface prevents water absorption, making your deck last longer. 

How Much Do Composite Boards Cost in the UK?

How Much Does Composite Decking Costs in the UK?

The average price of composite decking boards varies depending on the grade, and you should expect to pay between £110 and £145 per square meter for Trex composite decking. But, the total amount you will spend to build your decking may be more than that if you decide to hire a decking installer.  

So, what next? Now that you know what composite decking is, why it is better and how much composite decking costs in the UK, you should not hesitate to build your outdoor space with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Composite Decking Price Per m²?

The price of composite decking per square meter in the UK depends on the brand and grade of decking you want to buy. Trex composite boards are sold between £110 and £145 per square meter. Note that you need to factor in installation costs when planning your decking. 

Which Is Cheaper, Wood or Composite Decking?

Wood decking is cheaper than composite decking when you buy from a store. But if you consider maintenance and service life, composite decking offers a better value than timber decking. 

Is Composite Decking Worth the Money?

Composite boards are worth the money. Although it is a little more expensive than timber, as you use it, it becomes a cheap alternative to wood decking because it is easy to maintain and does not need constant painting. 

How Long Do Composite Decks Last?

The average lifespan of composite deck boards is between 25 and 30 years, provided that you maintain your decking properly. This lifespan is far greater than timber, which lasts for about 15 years with lots of maintenance. 

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