What Are the Types of Timber Decking?

Are you planning to install wood decking in your house? Adding decking can be a fantastic way to reinvent your outdoor space, creating an attractive platform you can use for entertainment or relaxation. Wood is a material used to make beautiful decking. But to enjoy what good decking offers, you have to spend money to buy timber decking boards and install them. So, what is the price of timber decking in the UK? How much does it cost to build a deck? How much is wood decking maintenance? The questions are endless. This article answers the question, what is the cost of wood decking in the UK? 

Tip: Homeowners in the UK should expect to spend between £3 and £6 to buy 1m of softwood decking. If you decide to use hardwood decking, you will probably spend more than that. 

Types of Timber Decking in the UK

There are two types of timber decking that UK homeowners can use to build a beautiful deck. They are hardwood and softwood decks. 

Hardwood Deck

Hardwood decking boards are made from slow-growing trees like ash or oak and other broadleaved trees. These trees take a long time to grow, making them an expensive option for decking because they are not common. 

Hardwood decks have a more complex structure, and many species are deciduous. They preserve their appearance throughout the years, looking better for up to 40 years if properly maintained. 

Some examples of hardwood are 

  • Oak: This is one of the most popular hardwood deckings with good strength and moisture-resisting attributes. Also, it is one of the most affordable options. 
  • Teak: This is another durable hardwood decking with a high oil content that offers good protection from rot and insects. But it is more expensive than Oak.
  • IPE: This is a common deck material because of its superior strength, durability and resistance to moisture, fire and insect. They are rare and more expensive than other wood decking materials. 

Softwood Deck

Software wood decking consists of fast-growing coniferous trees, including spruce and pine. Most timber decking in the UK is made of softwood because they are easy to install and offers a cheap way to build decking. 

If you want to build a deck in the UK, softwood is the ideal budget-friendly option you can go for while cutting back on cost. But remember to treat your deck well to protect it from fungal attacks and insects. The average lifespan of a softwood deck in the UK is around 15 years. 

Some examples of softwood in the UK are 

  • Pine: This is a common softwood deck because it is cheap compared to other decking boards. But it requires chemical treatment and maintenance to extend its service life for up to 10 years. 
  • Cedar: Although Cedar is a little more expensive than pine, it is more durable with better moisture resistance. But it also requires chemical treatments. 
  • Redwood: This is one of the most durable softwood decks because it resists moisture, rot and termite attack better than others in its category. 

How Much Is Timber Decking in the UK?

What Is the Cost of Wood Decking in the UK?

The cost of wood decking in the UK varies on the type of wood. If you are using hardwood, you should expect to spend more money to build your deck than softwood. Also, the price of timber decks depends on whether you are buying in metres or square metres. 

Type of wood deckingCost per metre
Softwood deck£3 – £6
Hardwood deck£4-£10

The prices listed in the table do not include installation costs; instead, they are the cost of purchasing a board. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hardwood Better than Softwood Decking?

Softwood boards are the best options if you want beautiful decking while spending less. But if you want something that will last long for years, opt for hardwood decking. 

Is Softwood OK for Decking? 

Softwood is better for building decking and is an ideal budget-friendly deck material. Most decks are made of softwood material like spruce or cedar because they are a cost-effective option and are widely available. 

How Long Does Wood Deck Last in the UK? 

Depending on the type, a wood deck can last between 15 and 40 years. If you build your deck with softwood decking, you can expect to use it for 15 years with good maintenance. But if you use hardwood decking, you will enjoy it for up to 40 years. 

How Much Is Wood Decking in the UK?

Wood decking can cost anywhere between £3 and £15 per metre. If your decking is 20 m² large, you can spend anywhere between £600 and £3000, minus installation cost. 
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