Do Grey Composite Decking Fade?

Are you planning to buy composite decking boards? You can choose different colours if you want an attractive deck in your home. While composite decks last longer than wood (there is no doubt about that), most homeowners are unsure if the colour will last as long as the boards. Does composite decking fade? Will grey composite decking fade? How long will my composite decking colour last? Those are some of the questions homeowners are asking before they make their final decisions on buying composite deck boards. This article provides answers to all those questions. 

What Exactly Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a material used to make a deck. While wood boards are the most popular deck material to use in the UK or any other part of the world, composite decking’s increased popularity is a result of its attributes.

Made from wood dust and plastic waste, composite decking contains 50% wood and plastic. This makes it stronger and better than timber deck, making it last longer under adverse weather conditions. 

But composite decking is not made with wood and plastic only. Colours and UV inhibitors are added to the deck during production to make it attractive. 

Why Composite Decking Color Matters?

Composite decking colour matters because it helps define your outdoor space. If you install attractive composite boards, you will surely get one of the most beautiful outdoor decks. 

Of course, all composite decking colours are attractive, but few stand out. One such colour is grey composite decking. If you want a cool modern garden, grey composite decking boards are perfect for the job. 

And if you don’t want grey decks, you can opt for black composite boards. Like grey, black composite decking is the perfect colour to create a contemporary garden in your backyard. 

Does Composite Decking Fade?

Unlike wood decking, composite decking does not fade quickly, making the boards stay beautiful for years. If you buy grey composite wood decking, you will notice that the boards will look new after using it for years. 

Wood decking must be painted regularly to cover the faded surface and make it attractive. The surface will scratch easily, making it likely to fade after using it for some time. 

Composite decking, on the other hand, has additional fade protection – the capped surface. This additional polymer sleeve on the deck surface provides the ultimate protection against sun fading and scratches. 

Does Composite Decking Fade

Is Composite Decking Fade Proof?

Despite its unrivalled powers of fade resistance, composite decking will eventually fade due to the sun’s UV rays after you have used it for a long time. 

A long time, in this case, can be up to 25 years. Aside from that, one thing to note about composite decking is that the colour will adjust to the weather a few weeks after installation. 

For example, you will notice a slight colour change after installing your decking, but this does not mean it is fading. After adjusting to the environment, the composite decking colour will remain constant for up to 25 years, depending on how you use it. 

Effect of the Sun on Composite Decks

The sun’s impact on a deck depends on the durability of the materials used to make it. If a deck is made with good materials, it is less likely to fade quickly. But if it is made with low-quality materials, it will fade quickly. 

Since composite decking is made with high-quality materials, you won’t expect your deck to fade quickly. But continued exposure to the elements can lead to a gradual discolouration, making the deck fade over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Composite Decking Color Last Forever?

While composite decking is extremely resistant to fading because it contains UV inhibitors, it isn’t fade-proof. This means the colour of your grey or black composite decking will not last forever. 

What Is the Most Fade Resistant Composite Decking? 

Capped composite decking is the most fade-resistant decking. These deck boards have plastic protection that prevents the sun’s UV rays from damaging the beautiful colour of your boards. 

Is Composite Decking Better Than Wood?

Composite Decking is better than wood because it is less likely to fade and is durable. Wood decking requires painting if you want it to look good. Composite decking does not require paint, since the colour is added during production. This makes composite boards colour to last longer than wood boards. 

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