What Are the Types of Wristwatches in Nigeria?

There are tons of wristwatches out there that you can choose from if you want to look nice. From classic watches to luxury, sports and chronographs, you can wear any watch that suits your taste. Are you planning to buy a wristwatch? This article discusses the types of wristwatches in Nigeria.

How Are Wristwatches Classified?

There are different ways to classify watches. Makers of watches classify them based on movement, functionalities and style. So, let’s examine them one after the other. 

Types of Wristwatches by Movement

The movement of a watch is like an engine that powers it. Everything in the watch revolves around its movement. 

  1. Mechanical Watches

Mechanical movement doesn’t require batteries because they need periodical hand-winding to work. This kind of wristwatch is accurate to about +/- 20 seconds a day and is very reliable. Although they are expensive, the high price tag is justified because they feature intricate series of small components that function together to power the watch. 

  1. Automatic Watches

Like the mechanical wristwatch, automatic watches don’t have batteries because they are self-winding. Also, they don’t need much maintenance, making it unnecessary to wind the watch or buy a battery. Automatic watches capture the movement of your wrist and utilize it to power the mechanism. 

  1. Quartz Watches

Quartz watches run on an electric current (not the usual one that powers your appliances). The current comes from a battery and powers the machine that makes the watch. Quartz wristwatches are one of the most popular types of watches in Nigeria because they are affordable and accurate to about +/- 15 seconds a month. 

  1. Solar Watches

Solar watches, unlike quartz, are powered by light energy from the sun which is then stored in a battery. They are accurate to about +/- 15 seconds a month and are unique. 

Types of Watches by Functionalities

Aside from classifying watches by movement, you can use their function to group them. 

  1. Analogue Watches

Analogue wristwatches are some of the various types of watches you can buy in Nigeria. They feature a traditional clock face with three-hand movements and come at various prices. Analogue watches show you the time through hands-on daily increments of five minutes. If you want a watch that looks like the classic traditional watches, analogue is the best to buy. 

  1. Digital Watches 

Digital watches feature time in numerical digits and may come with features like GPS, pedometer, cellular, etc. Unlike analogue watches, they do not contain any moving parts and rely on an electronic circuit to drive the LEDs that display the time. Digital watches are available in Nigeria at different price ranges, making it possible to select one that is within your budget. 

  1. Hybrid Watches

Hybrid Watches feature an analogue and digital display and have similar functions as a smartwatch. They are perfect for fashion and best for sports, fitness, etc. 

price and types of wristwatches in Nigeria

Type of Watches by Style

Speaking of style, there are different kinds of watches you can get in Nigeria. You can choose from a large range of racing, classic, sporty, military and dress styles. 

  1. Racing Watches

A racing watch is a type of watch that is best for different types of races, varying from horse to car racing. It is popular because of its precision and accuracy in tracking speed and distance. The case of a racking watch is made of strong materials like stainless steel or titanium. 

  1. Military Watches

These are tactical watches that are designed for people in the military and law enforcement. They have special features that prove quite useful in the field and for adventure. 

  1. Fashion Watches

These wristwatches are built to look good and have great designs. Many fashion watches use quartz movement and feature a chain or leather bracelet. 

  1. Smartwatches

These types of watches feature digital displays and can connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Also, most smartwatches feature a fitness tracker to track the number of steps and heart rate, while others feature GPS tracking. 

So, what are the types of wristwatches in Nigeria? This article discusses the different types of watches based on movement, functionalities and style. You can choose any you want. 

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