How Much Are Wristwatches in Nigeria?

Are you planning to buy a nice-looking wristwatch? Do you love wearing attractive wristwatches, whether chain or leather? There are several wristwatches for sale in Nigeria, and they come at different prices. How much are wristwatches in Nigeria? The price of wristwatches in Nigeria ranges from as little as #1500 to #100,000, depending on the quality and brand. This article explains the various types of wristwatches and their prices. 

What Is a Wrist Watch?

A wristwatch is a portable timepiece intended to be worn by a person. Wristwatches are intended to be worn around the wrist, attached by a watch strap or other type of bracelet, including material bands, leather straps or any other kind of bracelet. 

Types of Watches in Nigeria

One thing to note when shopping for a watch is its movement, which is the engine that powers it. Everything in the watch revolves around its movement. 

Movement Watches

Mechanical wristwatches don’t require batteries because they need periodical hand-winding to operate. These watches are accurate to about +/- 20 seconds a day and are reliable. Also, mechanical watches are more expensive than others because they feature intricate series of tiny components that work together to power them. 

Automatic Watches

Automatic watches are self-winding with a spring inside. This wristwatch does not have a battery and needs little maintenance. It captures the movement of your wrist and uses it to power the mechanism so that there is no need to buy a battery or wind by hand. They are accurate to about +/- 20 seconds a day and available for all budgets.

Quartz Watches

Quartz is a type of watch that runs on an electric current from a battery in the watch. They need a battery to function, which must be replaced every 2-3 years. These are one of Nigeria’s most popular types of watches because people prefer them over mechanical watches. Also, they are affordable and very accurate. 

Solar Watches

Solar watches are driven by light energy. They use a battery that stores the energy and then powers the watch. Although solar watches are not popular in Nigeria, they are accurate by +/- 15 seconds a month. 

Different Brands of Wristwatches in Nigeria

WWOOR Men Quartz Watch 

Price ₦ 7000

How Much Are Wristwatches in Nigeria?

Are you looking for an attractive wristwatch? WWOOR men’s quartz wristwatch comes with a dial time and calendar display. This is the best wristwatch in Nigeria to stand out. 

Geneva Men’s Iced Stone Studded Bracelet

Price ₦ 5000

Wristwatches in Nigeria

This is the best for you if you want a watch with a lovely chain bracelet. It has an attractive silver chain bracelet and can easily be worn around the hand. 

Quamer Men’s Analogue and LED Watch

Price ₦ 11,000

Wristwatches for sale in Nigeria

Available in silver and black, this men’s Quamer Analogue and LED watch is the best thing you can get for a price. It has a strong chain bracelet that lasts longer. 

So, how much are wristwatches in Nigeria? The cost of buying a wristwatch in Nigeria varies depending on the brand and quality. You can get a watch from anywhere between ₦ 1500 and ₦ 100,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand of Watch Is Best?

The best wristwatches to wear and gift to others are Omega, Breguet, Oris, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and Cartier. 
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