Composite decking Vs wood, Which Should I Choose?

Still, contemplating the difference between composite decking and wood? Perhaps, you have been using wood boards to build your decking for a while, and you want to change to composite decking. Knowing the difference between them will help you choose the right decking material. This article compares composite decking and wood. So, composite decking vs wood, which should I choose? Let’s get started. 


Wood decking is cheaper than composite decking. But how cheap depends on the type of wood. Softwood decking cost around $3 and $5 per board, while hardwood cost $5 and $9. Composite decking price is in the range of $6 and $15, depending on the grade you want to buy. So, when you consider price, wood decking has the upper hand. 


How durable is wood or composite decking? Durability is the ability of a decking material like wood or composite to resist damage caused by weather or insects. 

Composite decking is more durable than wood decking, which is why it lasts longer. It is tough, resisting the elements of nature and termites, staying longer than timber and even plastic decking. In terms of durability, composite decking is the best. 


Does wood decking last longer than composite? Nope! The average lifespan of wood decking is 15 years if you maintain it properly. Although some wood decking, like hardwood, lasts up to 35 years, the cost of hardwood is almost the same as composite. 

Composite decking’s average lifespan is 35 years. Some composite decking brands last longer than that. This means that when you consider how long a deck will last, composite boards have the upper hand. 


Maintaining a decking is crucial if you want it to last longer. You should clean your deck at least once a year to remove dirt, stains or any trace of mold and mildew. Wood decking is not easy to maintain. 

This is because you have to scrub the surface to remove mold and mildew that grows on it. Aside from that, you have to stain or paint wood decking during maintenance. This is in addition to sealing your wood decking surface to prevent moisture from entering the boards. 

Composite decking maintenance is easy. You don’t have to buy paint or stain, seal the surface or scrub to remove mold and mildew. All you have to do is to use water and soap to clean the surface and you have a decking that is as new as the first time you install it. In terms of maintenance, composite decking has the upper hand. 

Composite decking Vs wood, Which Should I Choose?

So, Which Is the Best Between Composite Decking and Wood?

If you think about price alone, you will definitely go for wood decking because it is cost-saving. But if you consider durability, maintenance, and how long the decking will last, you will settle for composite decking. Composite decking vs wood decking brings to light the attributes of both materials and shows clearly that composite decking outshines wood. But the final choice is yours. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Does Composite Decking Last Vs Wood?

Traditional wood decking lasts between 10 and 15 years if you maintain it regularly. Hardwood decking can last up to 35 years. Composite decking’s average lifespan is 35 years, with some brands staying fit for up to 50 years. 

What Is the Price Difference Between Wood and Composite Decking?

The primary drawback to composite decking is the higher price tag. While wood decking costs between $3 and $5 per board, composite decking prices start from $6 and can reach $15. 

Is Composite Decking Cheaper than Wood?

Nope! Pressure-treated wood will cost $15 to $25 per square foot while composite will cost $20 to $30. Composite decking costs more upfront, but the savings are in the maintenance cost over the years. Aside from that, composite decks will last longer than wood. 

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