How Much Is a Rechargeable Fan in Nigeria?

Are you tired of the heat at night during the dry season? One way to combat the dry season heat is to buy an electric fan. An electric fan will do a wonderful job in helping you cool your skin, making you comfortable when the weather is hot. But to enjoy the benefits of an electric fan, you need constant electricity. But with the situation of the country, constant electricity is not guaranteed. This means that if you have an electric fan that is supposed to serve you, it will be useless to you when “there is no light”. The solution is that you need a rechargeable fan. More and more homeowners are turning to rechargeable fans, and so should you. But how much is a rechargeable fan in Nigeria? This article answers that question.

What Is a Rechargeable Fan?

If you are hearing about a rechargeable fan for the first time, you might ask, what the heck is a rechargeable fan? A rechargeable fan is an electrical appliance that blows air without relying on a direct power source. It is a device that is designed to cool off a person using replenishable battery power. So, unlike most electric fans in Nigeria, a rechargeable fan comes with an inbuilt battery that powers the device when “there is no light”. 

How Does a Rechargeable Fan Work?

A rechargeable fan works like every other electric fan in Nigeria; it cools the skin by circulating air in a room. But unlike most fans, you can use a rechargeable fan in Nigeria when there is light and when there is no light. To enjoy the benefit of a rechargeable fan when there is no light, you have to charge the batteries first. And when the “power is out”, you switch on the fan and enjoy “fresh air.”

Types of Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria

There are different types of rechargeable fans you can get in Nigeria. There is the mini fan (handheld), standing fan, desk fan, and solar fan. For “better enjoyment”, it is better to buy a large rechargeable standing fan, although they are a little pricier than the small ones. The mini rechargeable hand fan is small and portable, making it possible for you to carry it in your handbag and use it anywhere. 

How Much Is a Rechargeable Fan in Nigeria?

Different Brands of Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria

One thing to note when buying rechargeable fans in Nigeria is that there are different brands, which also translate to different prices. There are Samsung rechargeable fans, Qasa rechargeable fans, OX rechargeable fans, Lontor rechargeable fans, Binatone rechargeable fans, Duravolt rechargeable fans, Sonik rechargeable fans, Century rechargeable fans, Polystar rechargeable fans, DP handheld rechargeable fans, Itec rechargeable fans, Mercury rechargeable fans, Kamisafe rechargeable desk fans, etc. 

What Are the Prices of Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria?

One thing to know about the cost of a rechargeable fan in Nigeria is that it varies. This is because of the different brands and sizes available in the market.

Rechargeable FansPrice
OX 18” rechargeable fan#39,000
Century 16” rechargeable fan#33,000
Qasa 16 rechargeable fan#45,000
Century 12” rechargeable fan#20,000
Lontor 5” rechargeable fan#7,000
Polystar 18” rechargeable fan#40,000
Century 18” rechargeable fan#45,000
Kamisafe rechargeable fan#12,000
Sonik 5” rechargeable fan#10,000
Duravolt rechargeable fan#20,000

Note that the prices of rechargeable fans in Nigeria that we listed above are not constant and can change anytime. This is because of the volatility of the Nigerian market. So, you should always double-check for the latest price. 

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