What Are the Prices of Electric Fans in Nigeria?

The prices of electric fans in Nigeria vary, depending on the type and brand. You can get a standing fan for a good price in Nigeria. Aside from that, if you prefer a wall fan, you can get it at an affordable price too. Ceiling fans and table fans are other types of electric fans you can buy in Nigeria. So, when doing home improvement in Nigeria, you should prepare your budget accordingly. That is why this article discusses the question, what are the prices of electric fans in Nigeria? 

Which Fan Is Best for a Small Room?

Do you live in a small room and want a fan to help cool things up? There are several kinds of electric fans in Nigeria, but most of them are not fit for a small room. The best fan for a small room must be one that consumes less space and blows air around the room effectively. 

This means that if you want to buy a fan for your room, you should consider the space and where you want to fit it. A large standing fan will not be the best option for a small room. Although standing fans are perfect when it comes to circulating air in a room, they will consume space. 

Ceiling fans, wall fans, and table fans are examples of electric fans that are perfect for a small room. You can easily hang a ceiling fan to the ceiling of your room. Also, you can fit a wall fan on the wall of a small room. And if you want something close to you, you can buy a table fan, which does not consume space. 

What Determines the Price of Electric Fan in Nigeria?

When you go to the market or shop from an online store like Shopsavis, you will discover that the prices of electric fans in Nigeria vary. One thing to note when buying an electric fan is that the brand matters. 

For example, if you want to buy a standing fan in Nigeria for a popular brand like OX or Philips, you should expect to spend more money than on an uncommon brand. Aside from the brand, another thing that affects the price of an electric fan is the power. Some fans are most powerful than others when it comes to circulating air. 

Another thing that affects the price of an electric fan in Nigeria is the power source. If you buy an electric standing fan in Nigeria, you won’t spend as much money as you will when you buy a rechargeable fan. 

Rechargeable fans make it possible for you to enjoy fresh air even when “there is no light”. So, if you plan to buy a rechargeable fan in Nigeria, you should be prepared to spend twice or thrice the money you will spend on a standing fan.  

How Do I Choose an Electric Fan for My House?

What Are the Prices of Electric Fans in Nigeria?

Before buying an electric fan, you should decide on the location. This means that you have to know where you want to fix it. Do you want to fix the fan to your ceiling? Or, do you want something simple that you can place in your room? 

After determining the location, the next thing to do is to choose the best brand. If you want a ceiling fan, for example, you should go for the best brands like OX, Philips, or Binatone. Ensure that you buy an electric fan that will last longer and offer value for the money you spent. 

Prices of Electric Fans in Nigeria 

Electric FanPrice
Qasa electric fan standing fan#22,000
Solitect standing fan#10,000
SMP electric fan#16,000
Homeflower 56’ electric ceiling fan#33,000
Homeflower 18’ electric orbital fan#30,000
LG standing fan#13,000
Lontor electric fan 16’#18,000
Panasonic standing fan with light#75,000
OX 18’ standing fan#11,000
Lontor rechargeable electric air cooler fan#70,000

Note that the prices of electric fans in Nigeria vary and can change anytime. So, you should ensure you double-check to know the latest price. 

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