How Much Is Ceiling Fan in Nigeria?

Are you thinking of buying a ceiling fan in Nigeria? If you are, many benefits come with fixing a ceiling fan in your room. Aside from the fact that it helps cool your room by circulating air, homeowners can use ceiling fans to decorate their homes. And a lot more. But to enjoy the benefits a ceiling fan has to offer, you have to buy it first. How much is a ceiling fan in Nigeria? You probably want an answer to that question, don’t you?  

What Is a Ceiling Fan? 

A ceiling fan is an electrical device or appliance that helps keep the room or where it is installed cool. If you go by that definition, you will understand that a ceiling fan helps in lowering the temperature of a hot room. Another definition of a ceiling fan is a fan that is mounted on the ceiling of a room or house, powered by electricity, and uses hub-mounted rotating blades to circulate air. 

How Does a Ceiling Fan Work?

We all know that ceiling fans cool the room, or where you fix them. That “magic” can have a refreshing effect during the dry season when the weather is hot, and we need fresh air. A ceiling fan. When you turn on your ceiling fan, electricity runs through the wiring to the fan motor, which begins to rotate. 

This rotation makes the blades move warm air upwards. As the hot air rises, the blades of the fan slice it and push it down. Doing this over and over again causes the air in the room to circulate in the entire room. So, a ceiling fan moves only the air around. But how does the ceiling fan keep us cool? 

Ceiling fans do not actually lower the temperature of your room, but it makes it “feel” cooler. A ceiling fan works through something called the chill effect. The moving blades of the fan push the air downward, which blows your body heat away from your skin, thereby cooling you.  

Which Ceiling Fan Brand Is the Best? 

Now that is a difficult question. If you shop for ceiling fans online in Nigeria, you will discover that they are different brands, some that you have heard of, while others are new. It is difficult to tell which ceiling fan brand is the best in Nigeria because each brand has its advantages. 

Different Ceiling Fan Brands You Can Get in Nigeria

One interesting thing about the price of ceiling fans in Nigeria is that they are affected by the brands. If you buy a ceiling fan from a well-known brand like Philips or Sony, you should expect to spend more money than when you buy a less common brand. 

How Much Is Ceiling Fan in Nigeria?

Other ceiling fan brands you can get in Nigeria are Qasa, ORL, OX, Binatone, GSR, Kenstar, Century, Duravolt, Sonik, Super Master, Omaha ceiling fan, Panasonic ceiling fan, Bajaj, S.M.C, etc. Remember that the differences in the price of ceiling fans in Nigeria are a result of brand popularity and size. 

Sizes of Ceiling Fans in Nigeria

Ceiling fans come in different sizes. The large the blade of the fan, the more air it can pull and the more refreshing effect you feel. You can shop for 56’ ceiling fans, 36’, 25’, 60’, 16’, 24’, and 62 ‘ ceiling fans in Nigeria. 

What Are the Different Prices of Ceiling Fans in Nigeria?

Ceiling FanPrice
Qasa 36 inches ceiling fan#11,000
ORL ceiling fan#11,000
OX ceiling fan#15,000
GSR 56 inches ceiling fan#21,000
Kenstar ceiling fan#18,000
OX 56 inches ceiling fan#14,000
Sonik 24 inches ceiling fan#12,000
Century 56 inches ceiling fan#12,000
Bajaj ceiling fan #39,000
Panasonic ceiling fan#65,000

Note that the cost of ceiling fans in Nigeria is not fixed, and it can change anytime because of the volatility in the Nigerian market. 

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